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Learn the Essentials of Evaluating Essays
Learn the Essentials of Evaluating Essays
Evaluating essays is an assignment that you might also have to complete. By the way, the experience of evaluating essays will be really useful to you. Spotting otherís mistakes, you will learn to avoid them in your own papers.

However, evaluating an essay of one of your peers is not that easy. You cannot just say, ďTomís essay is awful because I did not get what he was writing aboutĒ.

Evaluating essays can be called a science, and you will have to learn at least its essentials.

Well, what are the essentials of evaluating essays? Actually, they boil down to several major criteria that you will have to pay attention to when evaluating an essay. These criteria are:

When evaluating the content of an essay, consider the following points:

* Writerís independent thinking. Did he/she develop own ideas or just borrowed someoneís?
* Does an essay have the main idea? Is the purpose of writing this paper clear?
* Does the author introduce some specific information that goes beyond common knowledge?


An essay is badly organized if you find evaluating an essay hard because of:

* material that is arranged improperly;
* paragraphs that are not coherent and fully developed;
* superfluous details.

Style of writing

Pay attention to the sentences and word use when evaluating an essay. Length and essay types should vary. Words should be distinctive but not vague.


How many errors can you spot when evaluating an essay? Do you find them irritating and distracting from the main idea?

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