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How to Write a Graduate School Essay
How to Write a Graduate School Essay
What is a good way to start writing my graduate school essay? What information should I include? What does the committee usually pay attention to when reading graduate school essays?

We definitely understand the reasons for your worries. You have certain career plans and entering a graduate school is absolutely necessary for you. Well, let us not waste your time and explain you how to write a graduate school essay.

Actually, there are two major rules that you should keep in mind when writing graduate school essays.

Rule #1

Essays for graduate school can be organized according to a simple but rather effective plan. The plan will contain three main points: past, present, and future.

Past: give a brief summary of your academic history. Tell about your experiences related to the chosen program and some significant accomplishments of yours. Describe research you have done in the graduate school essay.

Present: explain in the graduate school essay why you want to enter this graduate school, why you have chosen this specific program, why do you think it will help you achieve your career goals.
Future: make a statement of your short and long term goals. If it is possible, describe particular kinds of research you want to conduct.

Rule #2

Graduate school essays do not need to be fancy. What we mean is that the committee, first of all, pays attention to your grades, research, experience, etc. So, there is no need to make an emphasis on your personal characteristics or include some stories into your graduate school essay.

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