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Personal learning experience
Personal learning experience
During a significant part of my education I often had problems with working and motivation. I believe that much of these problems rise from the fact that I attended a very rigid Catholic school. The methodology employed by educators at that facility was based on a very conservative approach.

They mainly focused on reading, memorizing and repeating. I frequently experienced problems with memorizing texts and lectures. This transferred into difficulties with reading and spelling. For this purpose, many of my teachers assumed that I was simply not very gifted and thus, they often did not try as hard to make me achieve the goals set in the school curriculum. This led to a number of effects on my perception of school and my general motivation. I thought, apparently correctly, that I was ill suited for (present version of) the educational system.

I forced myself to work on my memory and concentration by learning poems by heart and rehearsing lessons over and over again. This was a very tiresome and depressing experience for me. At several moments I considered dropping out and contemplated technical schools or artistic projects. I did not always take the structure of the school and the lessons offered seriously, which was perceived as attitude problems. Unsurprisingly, this led to a low level of motivation and an overall disdain for academic activities.

Nevertheless, I understood and believed that school and academic education is important and thus, persisted in my attempts to fulfill my academic obligations, which I managed at a decent but unsatisfactory (from a personal perspective) level.

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