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Horrible experience
My grandfather and grandmother lived in Bombay, India during early fifties. They lived in a small ghetto, and they had two children. My grandfather has a job at the newspaper company, Indian Times, as a journalist. My grandmother was a housewife, and the two children were a boy, Amit, and a girl, Sheila who were studying in middle school.

One morning my grandfather woke up and went to work as usual. His friend, who was also a journalist, reported that a riot broke out near the hill. Nobody knew what started the riot, so every journalist in that Newspaper Company was sent to investigate.

What started this riot? he questioned a man who was hurt in the riot.

The old Muslim temple on the hill was demolished and the Hindus temple will be constructed on the same place. This made Muslims angry, so they are killing Hindus, he said sharply.

This news was brought back to the company and soon everyone in the city knew about the riot. This riot grew bigger and bigger every minute. My grandfather knew it wouldn t be safe here anymore.

To his family he said, We will evacuate this city tomorrow. His wife put a blank face and the children were frightened. As they were planning to leave the house the next day, their house was set on fire that night. Everyone screaming. My grandfather said, Get out the house, now! Flames were spreading and the thick smoke covered the whole house. They can hardly see and breathe. The front door was on fire and that s the only exit they can escape from. They went upstairs, which wasn t on fire yet because rioters started fire on bottom.

My grandmother shouted, Open the window and yell for help.

They couldn t resist the thick smoke, so they had to get out. It was a 15-foot drop from the window.

My grandfather said, I will jump first and catch you guys. Sheila and Amit were so frightened that they were about to pass out. My grandfather jumped and landed on his legs.

He screamed, Ah! My legs! He broke his left leg. He said, Jump, I ll cushion the kids. Sheila jumped first, but my grandfather didn t make any difference when she hit the ground. Sheila broke her right arm and she dislocated her shoulder. My grandmother and Amit have to put up their heads out of the window because they were suffocating of smoke. My grandfather yelled, Don t jump, I have an idea. My grandmother couldn t hear him because of the sounds that fire made. He waved his hand and told them not to jump. He stood up and limped towards the rope where the laundry was hung for drying. He untied the rope and threw it towards the window. My grandmother quickly tied the rope to the iron bar of the window. Amit came down first and then my grandmother. Fortunately they didn t get hurt, but Sheila was in serious pain. All of them quietly and slowly walked through the gullies and back alleys towards my grandfather s friend s house. Sheila got first aid at his house, but it didn t help her much. My grandfather said to his friend, Since you own a motor boat in the harbor, lets all go there and go into the sea.

That s a good idea. We can take the boat and sail for a short distance. We ll be safe there until the riot is over, said his friend.

Everyone s face was lightened as a sense of relief. They quickly moved to the harbor, which was close to the house. They sailed about 5 miles in to the sea. Everyone was happy because they made it alive. They stayed for 4 days just feeding on fish.

Finally the nightmare was over, but the destruction was unimaginable. Number of lives lost was countless. Government ordered that no one should build anything on the hill.
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