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As a young man Archimedes studied at the University of Alexandra in Egypt. He invented numerous things throughout his life. Some of the discovers that he made where significant. Archimedes discovered many things that are vital but he is best known for discovering the law of hydrostatics, which is also known as Archimedes principle.

Archimedes became close friends with King Herio of Syracuse, and that led Archimedes to be well known. Herio the king of Syracuse suspected, and correctly, that his crown was not pure gold. From that matter Archimedes was told to find out the truth about this crown. Archimedes was confused with Herio's problem. He pondered the question for many days. Archimedes was wondering how to discover the truth without damaging the crown. Days went by and Archimedes had no answer. As he was taken a bath he noticed the water level rising when he entered (Internet-www.norfaced.pvt.k12.va.us). That is how he discovered the principle which today is known as Archimedes principle, it states that a force that is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced buoys up a body immersed in a fluid (Dictionary).

A force equal to the weight of the displaced fluid buoys up the principle that states that a body engrossed in a fluid (Columbia Encyclopedia 2000). Archimedes principle also states that if the body is less dense than the fluid, it will float, and if the body is denser then the fluid then it will eventually sink. An example: a steel rowboat placed on end into the water will sink because the density of steel is much greater than that of waters (Columbia Encyclopedia2000). This discovery is said to have been made as Archimedes stepped into his bath and perceived the displaced water overflowing.

What Archimedes discovered was magnificent it truly educated us in density and floating areas. How someone figured this out more then 2000 years ago still ponders many scientists today. This man was born as a genius and died as a genius. Archimedes died in 212BC but his remarkable theories have lived on.


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