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Essay on Hospital Visit
I walked in and stopped dead in my tracks. My stomach turned slowly, tied into a knot and started rising; it went from my chest all the way to my throat, cutting the oxygen intake to my lungs. I could feel the blood draining from my face, and goose bumps forming on my arms. I just stood there, staring at a picture I could never imagine in my worst nightmares. A small girl was playing on the floor, the right side of her face covered in scars, a plastic line hanging from underneath her hospital gown. Two teenagers were slowly treading along the wall; the girl with the walker had only one leg. She looked focused on the task at hand, taking one small step, resting, then another step and stopping to take a deep breath. The boy was right behind her, moving her IV stand with her every step. The left sleeve of his shirt was tied in a knot, dangling so unnaturally where his arm should be.

This is the place where my sister is, behind one of those doors, in a semi-private room that become her new home away from home. I visited her before in the previous hospitals, but there was something about this place that scared me. Suddenly I felt a need to see her, right now. Somehow I managed to take one step, then another and another, all the way to her room. I opened the door slowly and walked in. She was lying in her bed, her pencil skinny arms resting on the white, crisp sheet. Her hair was cut short and smoothed back; it has lost its shine and it was thinning. She opened her eyes and smiled with her big “Kathy smile.” I sat there for hours talking about the latest news from home, exchanging gossip, and listening to all the hospital stories. It was already getting dark outside when I realized my stomach was back where it belonged, my blood was flowing freely through my body and I was breathing normally - I wasn’t scared anymore. I was just visiting with my sister; it didn’t matter she was in a hospital, she was still the same bright and full of life teenager I knew all my life and no matter what happened, she would never chang
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