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Human Sexuality Autobiography
To put my life into perspective, it has basically been surprising, sad, exhilarating, and many more adjectives that I can just barely begin to describe. So far in my life I have been pretty fortunate being brought up in America and into this world with generous parents, which in some ways makes me fairly spoiled. The one problem with being spoiled is that many kids the same age as you are jealous and use being spoiled against you in every way that they get a chance. I guess that is part of the trials and tribulations growing up. I was born on August 8th, 1977, in Philadelphia, PA at 9:23 A.M. in Geneís Hospital. I was 6 lbs. and 5 ounces, but I was sick and wouldnít eat so I dropped below 6 pounds. Eventually I was alright to bring home so my parents brought me to my new surroundings in a small apartment in South Philly. As I was growing up the first good recollection I have of my childhood is meeting my best friend named Chris. I had just turned three years old and he was only a month older than me. I knew from that point in time we would be best friends for a very long time. However, Chris had to move away when we were about the age of nine. At this point in time I began to make a group of new friends, in which we played sports all of the time. The only problem with this was that Chris and I had a special connection and I didnít develop that with these kids for a really long time. My new friends Tim, Sean, Mike, and Chris basically could be really mean, because that is what kids do best. Jumping back to when I was 8 years old, I endured a couple of tragedies in my life. It was four days after Christmas and my sister and I were going to go to the Ice Capades with my Aunt Sheila and Uncle John the next day. When I was eight I was not that lovable towards girls and I would really never give my aunt a hug or a kiss. When I found out that we were going to go to the Ice Capades I decided that I was going to give her a hug and a kiss that night just to prove to her that I did care about her and everything she did for me. Well, on December 29th, 1985 my uncle got into a car accident with my aunt and cousin in the car with him. I was told that they stopped at a 7-Eleven and were arguing because my uncle had too much to drink. So they left the store and were going back home, but they basically took off in a hurry. My aunt did not put on her seat belt, so when the accident happened she snapped her neck and died instantly. My cousin and uncle were hospitalized with a couple of injuries, but my aunt was already gone. After my aunt died my uncle went back into drugs and so did my cousin. Once my aunt was gone there lives were basically in shambles, and they were a living wreck. In March of 1986, only two and a half months after my aunt was dead, my uncle ended his life too. He was having a get together at his place in Philly. He entered the bathroom, but didnít come out alive. He injected himself with a drug and overdosed, in which he was laying on his back and choked on his own vomit. After this was going on I was an extremely troubled kid, not to mention that my parents were split up. As I got older my dad came back home to live with my mom to reconcile their marriage. Once I turned the age of 15 I was now in high school, which was a very big step for me. This began a whole new life for me taking into consideration that I was going to a Catholic high school. The second day of school I met this girl by the name of Carrie. She lived right around the corner of my new house in Mt. Laurel, NJ. It must have been a blessing in disguise meeting her because I am still great friends with her as of today. I care about her a lot I would do anything for her. Anyway, I turned the age of 16 and that is when girls really started taking interest in me. I began to date a few girls during this point in my life and I wasnít really as experienced as the guys that got their good looks a couple of years before me. Eventually I began to get pretty confident, especially about my appearance. At this age there were a couple of girls that wanted to have sex with me. During that time I was set on finding a girl I really cared about before I had sex. When I turned 17 years old I began to realize that I was becoming a very attractive kid, and not to be cocky about the situation, but I used it to my advantage. I was a dating machine at the age of seventeen and I was really proud of it too. A couple of days after I turned 18 years old I met this girl by the name of Gwen. She was absolutely gorgeous and also only 16 years old. She was 5-10 with blonde hair and green eyes, and she had an unmistakably incredible body. As I got to know her better I knew she was the type of girl I could easily fall for. The only problem being that she cheated on me with my friend Joe. At that point in time I stopped talking to both of them. A couple of months later I was friends with Joe again and I took Gwen back as my girlfriend again. Once again there was a problem. On Valentineís Day of 1996 my girlfriend Gwen cheated on me with one of my best friends named Mike. That is when her and I were not going to reconcile anything. I was really hurt. Right after Gwen I dated Andrea, and she was just the opposite. She was a very jealous girl that got worried easily thinking that I might cheat on her. I believe at that point in my life I think I was more infatuated with the thought of being in love, rather than actually falling in love. So, I sort of told Andrea something I thought I meant but I really didnít. So, at 18 years old I lost my virginity to Andrea. However, what I felt most guilty about was that I told her that we should just date and not be boyfriend and girlfriend. I felt like we were getting too serious too fast. Besides, she only had three more months before she was leaving to go to the University of Virginia Tech. I believe what I did was good for the both of our futures. On December 26th, 1997 I met a girl that would change my life in many ways. I was 20 years old and she was 18. Her name was Katie and once we starting dating we couldnít stop. I found out she was cheating on her boyfriend with me and I got really pissed off at her. But, she told me that there relationship was over so her and I took dating to another level. We began to have sex. Once I was back at school we missed each other badly. Finally she came down to see me and we didnít just have sex, we made love. Telling her that I loved her and her telling me the same thing back was an incredible moment in my life. Of course, how else would this relationship end except a girl cheating on me. Yes, youíre correct, Katie cheated on me with two different people, one being her ex-boyfriend. Ever since Katie and I broke up I havenít been the same in many different aspects. I truly think it was for the better though. After Katie I slept with a girl by the name of Liz. I think the only reason I slept with her was because I was trying to get over Katie and I felt like I needed the comfort and the sex. After Liz, there were two more girls that I have slept with up until today, but I would rather not mention there names. You see, my sexual relationships have become more spontaneous over the last two years of my life and I donít know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I have only had one love of my life and no matter how much I might hate her I love her just as much. I canít control my love for Katie, but I know I will never want to get back with her ever again. As of now, my life with girls is alright. Moving away from my sex life, I would like to talk about a few more tragedies in my life. For example, my grandmother was in great health and my cousin and I were in Florida taking a vacation. My grandmom had a brain aneurysm in the bathroom of her home after her and my grandfather had just got done eating a meal. They brought back her heart, but her brain was gone. A few months later my Great, Great Uncle Joe was 96 years old. I knew he would die soon but I cared about him a lot. I was his second favorite person to see in the whole world and liked to make him feel good. I loved him a lot. About six months after that my uncle died of cancer, leaving behind a wife and a young kid. It is very sad to see someone die that eventhough he damaged his body, he was a good person at heart. But to top it all off I will tell you the final tragedy in my life. I was really good friends with this kid named Jeff, and I am very close with his family. However, when I got to the age of fifteen I became better friends with his brother that was two years younger than us. Everytime I saw Jeff though I would stop and talk to him because he was a good kid with a good heart. However, in early November of 1998, Jeff died of a heroine overdose. I never received the full story or information, but I donít think I really want to ask. I have talked to his brother Jim who I am really good friends with and his other brother Bob. This is tough for them, but I think their parents have it even more difficult. His parents are very cheerful people, but now their exterior smiles can been seen right through. Basically my life has been full of ups and downs, but isnít that what life is all about. I love my life and I love myself. I donít think I would trade my life with anyone else, no matter how rich and famous they are. Life is precious, take advantage of it while you can.
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