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The Perfect Body
There is always something that people are worried about. It is in our nature to worry constantly. It can be about school, family, but most important our appearance. Too many people are being judged by the way they look. Indeed people are being judged by their looks and by their body. We all have been walking in a shopping center and turn and see our reflection in the window. Never does anyone ever say I look great today. Instead we see what we want to improve on our bodies. Society has made it were people will not succeed if they do not have the perfect body. Having that body of a supermodel will ultimately gain recognition, power, and money. Most people think that the image of the perfect body does not affect them. For instance, I thought that, until I remembered that I wanted to look bigger, more muscles. Without even knowing it, I let society influence me into a better body.

The perfect body affects everyone. Whether you know or not children, women and men are all striving for that perfect body. That perfect body; what is it? No one exactly knows what it is, but we have an idea of what we want it to look like. Maybe it was that huge bodybuilder at the gym last night or that famous supermodel on the front of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. A physician, Rama Pemmaraju Rao, in internal medicine and psychiatry at UAB Hospital said it best, What

we think is ideal doesn t exist. People are searching for an ideal, but they will never get to it if they focus on the outside. The only way to find focus and peace is on the inside (McIntosh 2).

Why are people not satisfied with their bodies? Most people believe that if their body were better looking they would have more opportunity for themselves. This may be true, but unlike women men are not more worried about physical looks, they are more worried about what their body can do for them such as being better in sports. The reason for desired weight gain in men was because they wanted increased physical strength, greater fitness, better body image, improved sports performance (O Dea 3). Men want to gain weight so they can be stronger and fitter, to be better at sports. Most are not looking to be ideal for society. Men want better bodies so they improve in areas such as sports. Women emphasis shifted from the value of their characters and good works to their bodies as a means of expressing their individual identities (Janis 3). Despite politically correct swimsuit catalogs, despite men telling us that they prefer women with a little meat on their bones, most women, would trade in their real figures for a body of a model (1). Girls are overly concerned about weight and body shape. They strive for the perfect body and judge themselves by their looks, appearance, and above all thinness. Boys are concerned with the size and strength of their body. Boys live in a culture that showcases males as glamorous macho figures that have to be tough, build muscles and sculpt their bodies, if they want...
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