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Graduate School Essay
Graduate School Essay
Writing A Compelling Graduate School Essay

Many students are daunted by the thought of writing a graduate school essay. When itís time to get admission, they are usually geared up to complete an application form with vigor. Academic achievements can be easily included as per instructions. The graduate essay provides a great opportunity for students to provide additional credentials. Test scores may be the same for several students. How then would an admission panel identify the best candidates? It would invariably be through the essay, as they need to know the candidate better. The test is to answer questions without much guidance.

Follow Instructions And Provide Unique Content

Begin by reading instructions and then attempt the question. The main criterion is to understand how candidates express themselves and form viewpoints about a given topic. A good essay structure holds grammatically-correct sentences that are concise and to the point. Another important aspect is to provide unique information about oneself to the admission panel. Effectively, it should be information that is not mentioned in the application or any other section of the process.

Prepare Answers To Standard Questions

There are several questions asked repeatedly by assessors, year after year. The pattern clearly indicates that these questions hold great relevancy to judge the merits of prospective candidates. Some of these questions are:
What have you done so far that has brought you to the current situation where you seek graduate school admission?
What are your immediate and future goals? Provide us some insight into how you would go about achieving them?
If given admission, how would you be able to contribute toward the program? Can you offer new perspectives that others could follow?

These questions may vary as per discretion of the institution. However, they provide both the assessor and candidate an opportunity to understand each other better. A unique graduate school essay would offer inputs that only the candidate is able to provide.

The First Paragraph Offers More Value

Spend the maximum time compiling content for the introduction, which holds the essay statement. Note down ideas that you feel would be unique in the eyes of the reader. For example, introduce an event that changed the way you looked at things in life. It could be an event in college, work place, or social event. It should, however, be relevant to the study program applied for. Simply avoid general topics and think of ideas that would connect with the assessment panel. The ability to be bold without being too controversial or a rebel works in drawing attention. Candidates can have strong viewpoints about a topic. If there are examples from real-life situations to back the argument, the graduate admission essay is already unique.

Add Content Related To Core Essay Questions From Past Experiences

An easy method to adapt is to follow the effective pattern used in the undergraduate admission essay. It would be evident to candidates that they would have successfully attempted the essay compiling unique content. The same approach is warranted in the graduate school essay as well. Additional experiences can be included to add more value.

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