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Business School Essay
Business School Essay
Business School Essay Writing Techniques

The business school essay presents applicants the opportunity to show their caliber in business areas they are good at. Students need to have distinctive qualities that can be easily demonstrated in a work place. The same is applicable in the MBA application process. The MBA essay allows students the chance to submit personal statements online along with the application. Guidelines are clearly given. Most business schools ask candidates to submit answers to three or four questions. Some questions may have additional sub questions depending on the application forwarded. Prospective candidates for medicine, engineering, or law may have to submit additional essays. Through the years, certain questions keep repeating in some form or the other. Students who prepare themselves with answers to these questions have a good chance of getting appropriate answers to other queries as well. Here is an analysis of a few relevant questions.
Make a list of your most substantial accomplishments and give reasons why you consider them as such?

An achievement is accomplishing an act or result that would require students to go beyond their normal duties. To succeed in an attempt to do something requires distinctive qualities. For example, medical students could make instant decisions in the line of duty to save the lives of those they were treating. The decision could be made based on their knowledge of the subject and not due to experience which they do not have. The act demonstrates a capability that is required in a medical professional. Such an act would be considered favorably if it appears in an MBA admission essay. Another important aspect to consider would be to mention examples in a business school essay from real life situations that match academic results achieved by the student. For instance, a medical student should quote examples that relate directly to the medical field.
Why did you choose to join business school now? Write a small brief about the time you were frustrated professionally?

The question is a test to check how candidates would face adversity. It can happen to any professional before joining the study program or after. The aim is to present the exact method used to deal with a problem. Needless to say, the question would have a positive reply in that the answer should demonstrate tenacity, mature thinking, and grace to accept failure if the attempt to succeed at a task led to frustration and failure. Descriptions should be detailed and must provide a complete picture of the event highlighting the role of the candidate and listing out reasons for frustration to have crept in.
What is your career vision, and why is this choice meaningful to you?

This is the standard goals question asked in a business essay. While offering admission, business schools need to know how candidates would chart out their career goals. What is it that drives them towards those goals? If they have already made preparations, how have they started implementing them, and how would the MBA degree help them in their endeavors? For example, candidates may choose sales as their career. Joining a startup company rather than a multinational company with established processes would demonstrate a commitment toward facing challenges. The business school essay should reflect a definite plan.

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