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High School Essay Contest
High School Essay Contest
Attempting A High School Essay Contest

A high school essay contest can be the ideal platform for students to express their point of view on major issues that concern us all. They get the opportunity to participate in essay contests locally, at the state-level, and nationally. Many institutions, both government and private, have realized it is vital for countries to involve their youth in matters that concern the world in general. Building up opinion on an issue is the first step towards resolving a problem. High school students have enough maturity to understand the gravity of a situation. A responsible viewpoint could always help in making others understand their take on a hot topic. A contest provides the competitive edge that high school students need to take part in it. Most national contests offer cash prizes and scholarships, which attract students from remote corners. Another advantage is that all communication is done online. This allows students to plan out their essays quite accurately, as they do not have to travel long distances to take part.

The National Peace Essay Contest is held every year in the United States and promotes serious thinking on the issue of world peace among students. The exercise begins in schools across the country. State level winners are selected and over 1,100 students submit entries for the high school essay contest nationally. There are coordinators appointed for the participants and finally, all state winners are invited to Washington D.C. for the awards program. They get a chance to mingle with U.S. government officials and political leaders, foreign dignitaries, and experts. The United States considers their role in world peace to be very important. Every year, the topic concerns an issue that is relevant to world peace and offers students a chance to voice their opinion. The topic for 2011 is based on corruption and how it affects the morale of people who misuse power for personal gain. Students would have been exposed to an event or incident that they could connect with the issue. A viable solution for a small problem could be built up into an effective solution on a much larger scale.

The Air & Waste Management Associationís High School Essay Contest is another contest that encourages high school students to write on another important issue, the environment. Man has been abusing the environment to an extent that it has now become imperative to preserve it. The contest is held every year to generate awareness among students. For example, they had to focus on topics such as alternate fuels, greenhouse gas management, and fossil fuels in 2010. They could quote real-life examples to prove how the environment in their locality or school could change for the better.

Foreign Service is another important issue. The American Foreign Service Association organized the 2010 AFSA National Essay Contest. It provided students an opportunity to write on challenges that Americans involved in Foreign Service would face in the 21st century. Many such high school essay contests are held across the globe. Students must participate in them to keep themselves updated with important national and international issues.

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