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Nitty-Gritties Of An Environmental Studies Essay
Nitty-Gritties Of An Environmental Studies Essay
An environmental studies essay has to be on a particular topic as the study of human interaction with the environment would extend to several pages in an essay. It therefore becomes important to identify and elaborate upon a topic you are familiar with. Besides the environment, the discipline includes finance, engineering, economics, agriculture and natural resources, archeology, and law among several other subjects. In many cases, the issues have encouraged combined studies on the urban as well as natural environment. Here are some detailed ideas you could consider.
Engineering: When you write an engineering essay, you elaborate on the application of science and engineering principles to improve on the subject matter. Similarly, it could relate to removing pollution over a particular site, ensure pure drinking water, or develop land for living. Construction projects are a major source of pollution. Studies to reduce it or bring about awareness could be your topic. Waste disposal and public health are other areas of interest. Design of a municipal water supply, industrial waste treatment, or emission control norms for vehicles could be topics of interest in an environmental studies essay.
Archaeology: The study which extends to ancient ties between humans and their environment and habitation has been a source of inspiration to many researchers. You would go into more detail in an archaeology essay. This discipline has sub disciplines like zooarchaeology, the study of animal remains; archaeobotony, the study of plant remains; and archaeopedology, the study of ancient soils. All these combine to reconstruct how human beings used plants and animals and how they adapted to environmental changes.
Law: The environment has been damaged to an extent that lawmakers in different countries have taken up its preservation on a war footing. In a law essay you would generally mention environment, but the different governments of the world have introduced legislation, treaties, and everybody now talks about the ozone layer. This is a serious aspect which you would have to analyze and back your thesis statement with solid and up-to-date research. It is an area which has seen many laws having been framed but implementation has left much to be desired.
Natural Resources: This is an interesting topic which would be partly covered in an agriculture and natural resources essay. Natural resources like water, land, and living creatures are dependent on each other. Management of these resources for the present and future has brought about the concept of conservation. How well we conserve will dictate what is left for future generations. The various aspects have been combined into a structured study since the early twentieth century. Eco-tourism would be a good starting point for essay writers.

Using this information and combining it with different tools and research material available, you could come up with an environmental studies essay of your choice.

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