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Higher English Essays: Things You Should Know to Get High Grades
Higher English Essays: Things You Should Know to Get High Grades
Probably, for many of you a higher English essay sounds like a very serious and even a bit scary task. Yet, we should say right from the start that actually there is nothing special about making good higher English essays and getting high grades on them. At least, if you possess some basic essay writing skills, preparing a higher English essay will be less stressful and troublesome. Besides, here you will find helpful tips and instructions for completing this assignment.

Higher English essay questions

Your work will start with choosing a question, and we have to warn you that the effectiveness of your higher English essay depends greatly on this question. You definitely know that higher English essay questions refer to various literary works you have read. Do not hurry to pick the question just because it contains the name of the work you have read.

Read the question carefully and make sure you understand what it asks you to do. For instance, it may ask you to analyze the role of a certain character. Take time to recall what you actually remember about it. If not much, then choose another higher English essay question.

Planning your answer

It is better not to write your answer from scratch without previous planning. You need to decide what particular information will be included into your higher English essay, how relevant it is, whether your answer to the question is full, etc.

Type and structure

Do not hesitate and use a standard five-paragraph structure to organize your higher English essay. Before that, think about the appropriate type of writing. Will you analyze or evaluate something? Or, probably you wish to look at the advantages and disadvantages of the subject. All these aspects play an important role for the overall quality of higher English essays.