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Mental Illness Essays: If You Do not Want to Get Bored
Mental Illness Essays: If You Do not Want to Get Bored
Mental illnesses seem to be a very serious topic. It does not look like there is something to laugh at when it comes to mental disorders.

Well, sure we do not mean that you have to make fun of something when writing your mental illness essay. You can be very serious and write the same serious mental illness essay that will include something like:

* a definition of mental illnesses, general facts about them;
* causes and effects of mental disorders;
* treatment of mental illnesses, etc.

It is not the worst way to get mental illness essays done, and perhaps this is what your teacher is waiting for. However, if you think this is one of the most boring ways to write mental illness essays, it is another thing.

If you do not want to fall asleep when preparing your mental illness essay, choose a more fascinating topic. We already have several suggestions for you.

Bizarre mental illnesses

There are plenty of really strange mental disorders that you can describe in your mental illness essay. Here are a couple of examples for you:

1. Stockholm Syndrome – it is an illness when a hostage who is abducted begins to feel sympathetic towards its captor.
2. Paris Syndrome – it is a disorder common for Japanese tourists who just go mad when they visit Paris.

“Famous” mental illnesses

A great number of famous people, politicians, military leaders, actors, etc. have/had all kinds of mental disorders. It is another idea for your mental illness essay. Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler, and many others can be the main characters of your mental illness essay.

Mental disorders in films

How are mental disorders portrayed in films? Answer this question in your mental illness essay using some movie as an example, e.g. “Fight Club”, “Aviator”, “Me, Myself and Irene”, and some others.