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Personal Statement Essays: Essential Writing Rules
Personal Statement Essays: Essential Writing Rules
Personal statement essays, which are also called statement of goals essays or, to put it into simple words, admission essays are something that every student has to deal with when it comes to college application.

Admission officers call a personal statement essay an opportunity for a candidate to “sell” himself/herself, and it is really so. Everything that your grades and test scores cannot tell about you should be reflected in your personal statement essay.

Personal statement essays can be split into two categories:

* a general personal statement essay, where you can write anything you want about yourself that can prove you are an ideal applicant;
* a response to questions.

No matter what type of a personal statement essay you need to write, there are some general rules you can follow to prepare an excellent essay. We are glad to present you the essentials of writing perfect personal statement essays right now.

Personal statement essays: self-investigation

This is what you should start with. Before you get down to writing your personal statement essay, there are a lot of questions you should ask yourself, e.g.:

* What is special about you? What makes you different?
* Who/what shaped your interest in a certain field? How long have you been interested in it?
* What experience do you have in this field?
* What are your future plans, career goals?

Personal statement essays: answer questions

If you are asked specific questions, it is very important to provide a clear and precise answer. Be up to the point, do not waste your and admission officers’ time talking about irrelevant things.

Personal statement essays: create a story

The best way to organize a personal statement essay is to make up a story. Choose an episode from your life that describes you the best.