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Original Essays: Two Meanings and Two Interpretations
Original Essays: Two Meanings and Two Interpretations
Recently, you received back your essay from a teacher and saw a strange note on the margins: “an essay is not original”. What can this mean? What does the teacher want to say and want you to do?

Let us explain you the meaning of an “original essay”. Mind that these are just our assumptions and it is better to talk to the teacher and find out his/her vision of an original essay.

So, an original essay might have two meanings, which we interpret for you below.

Original essays: meaning 1

If a teacher says your essay is not original, he/she may want to say that your work is not original, that you have not researched a topic properly, or that the essay was written not by you.

In other words, original essays presuppose the following:

* a paper prepared by a student from the beginning till the end;
* a thoroughly researched topic;
* necessary references to all sources used.

If you did not prepare the essay on your own, better do the work once again and follow all rules. If you missed something while researching and writing, improve those particular parts and make an original essay.

Original essays: meaning 2

If your essay is labeled as not original, it may also mean that your work lacks creativity and unusual approaches. Sometimes, teachers just ask you to write an original essay and you are supposed to amaze and stun them somehow.

We know that many students will say that writing original essays is extremely complicated, since not everybody can come up with original ideas. But it is still possible.