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Response Essays: a Comprehensive Guide to Writing
Response Essays: a Comprehensive Guide to Writing
Do you have to learn writing a new type of essays? Is it a response essay? Then, we are sure you would not mind getting some explanations and tips for writing good response essays. This is what you will find in this article.

First, we should note that response essays are also called personal response essays and sometimes reaction essays. Well, it is not difficult to guess that your paper will be focused on your personal opinion about something, your reactions. As a rule, students are asked to write essays in response to a literary work or some text, but response essays can also be devoted to movies, works of art, etc.

Now that you know what a response essay is all about, it is time to sort out how this type of papers should be prepared and organized. Although you are supposed to talk about your reactions, points of view, personal positions, you cannot make empty claims that are not supported.

Let us briefly explain you how every part of response essays should be arranged.

Thesis statement

A thesis statement is an absolutely important element of a good response essay. Here is a little secret for you. If you feel totally braindead and cannot come up with a thesis, refer to the use of images in the chosen/assigned work or discuss some main trend.

Body paragraphs

This is where you will actually give your response. To make this part of your response essay strong, you may refer to the following: metaphors, alliteration, various images, etc.


In this part of your response essay, you have a chance to prove that evidences presented are enough to support your response or reaction.