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Critical Essay Samples: a Good Point to Start with
Critical Essay Samples: a Good Point to Start with
If critical essay writing is something you deal with for the first time, you definitely need a good writing model. By the way, do you know what a critical essay is all about? Probably, we should start with brief explanations.

In a few words, you are supposed to demonstrate one of the studentís most important skills when writing critical essays Ė critical thinking. As a rule, when teachers ask to prepare a critical essay, they want you to think critically about some literary work, painting, movie, etc. This is what your major task is all about.

How can critical essay samples be helpful in fulfilling your mission? Why an analysis of a couple of critical essay examples will be a good starting point for you?

Well, there are several important aspects you can check when reading and analyzing critical essay examples.

Format of critical essay samples

Although you will find a pretty standard format in critical essay samples, you should pay special attention to the organization of each paragraph, specific information included.

We advise you to examine carefully body paragraphs in critical essay samples. They should include enough supporting evidences that back up the writerís position. By the way, make sure that the authorís position is presented in the introduction of a critical essay example.

Mistakes in critical essay samples

First, you can simply read a critical essay example and think about points you like and dislike.

Second, pay attention to some common mistakes students make, for example:

* improperly cited sources;
* wrong citation style;
* lack of evidences;
* poor organization.