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Illustration Essays: One of the Easiest Essay Types
Illustration Essays: One of the Easiest Essay Types
Yes, an illustration essay (sometimes called example/illustration essays or illustrative essays) is considered one of the easiest essays to write. Unlike other types of essays where you have to analyze, compare and contrast, classify, define causes and effects of something, an illustration essay requires only examples.

Yet, you should not take writing illustration essays lightly. The thing is that this type of essay helps you prepare a kind of basis for writing other types of essays. All of them require good illustrations or examples that support writer’s ideas.

This is exactly why we advise you first find and analyze illustration essay samples if you are not sure how to complete your assignment. In what particular ways can free illustrative essay examples help you?

Well, although preparing illustrative essays will not cause you too many problems, you still can make a lot of mistakes. We have listed them below. What you should do is find several examples of illustration essays and check how they are written, what mistakes they have, etc.

So, beware of the following when writing illustrative essays:

* Examples that have no point. Every example you include should be related to your thesis. By the way, check whether your illustration essay samples have a clear thesis statement.
* Lack of examples or too many examples. Depending on the set word limit, your illustration essay may include 2-4 examples.
* Lack of transitions or repetitive transitions between examples. For instance, when reading illustration essay samples, pay attention to how many times “for example” is used as a transition. See what other transitions can be used instead.

Do you not know how samples of an exemplification essay can help you? Do you have questions about reaction essays? We are glad to answer all of your questions.