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Workplace Essays: Investigating the Peculiarities of Future Jobs
Workplace Essays: Investigating the Peculiarities of Future Jobs
Imagine that you are trying to find a job. You have a good CV and it seems like interviews were also successful. Yet, you have already been refused three times. Why?

Or, you have been working for a company for three years when one day a boss tells that you are fired. “We do not have enough money to pay you”. But why you?

Many unexpected, sometimes unfair situations are waiting for you in the future workplace. Certainly, right now you have no clue how to manage them. This is exactly why writing a workplace essay may be a really useful experience.

Investigating your future rights of an employee seems to be one of the best ways to prepare workplace essays. Here are several specific ideas you may cover in your workplace essay:

* Getting paid – find out what minimum wage is, whether all workers are covered by minimum wage.
* Safety and health – all employees have the right to have a healthy and safe workplace. Explain in your workplace essay various laws that regulate this aspect.
* Losing a job – what is the right way for an employer to fire a worker and inform a person about it?
* Making complaints – if the worker’s rights are violated, he/she can make a complaint about it and make an employer follow the laws.

These are just a few aspects of your future rights you may cover in the workplace essay. You should keep in mind one important thing when writing workplace essays. Employment laws are different in every state. Thus, before writing your workplace essay, make sure you are guided by laws used in your particular area.

By the way, workplace essays can be done not only from this legal perspective. You may touch upon some controversial issues. One of such issues is the discrimination of women in the workplace. These days, many people think it is just a myth, and women are not discriminated in any way. Introduce your standpoint in the workplace essay.