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Essays on Atlantis: Investigating the Myth
Essays on Atlantis: Investigating the Myth
The myth about Atlantis is one of the biggest mysteries in the history of humanity. Can we believe the historical notes of the great Greek philosopher Plato and his evidences about Atlantis and its people? Or, should we consider this another ancient Greek myth?

Sure, the decision is up to you. However, what you believe in should be described in your essay on Atlantis. This is what a teacher is waiting for from Atlantis papers – your opinions and supporting evidences.

No matter what position you are going to present in the Atlantis essay, your work should start with researching the topic, collecting already known facts, hypotheses, etc.

Below, we have presented several major points, which will be a good start for your work on the essay on Atlantis.

Grounds for discussion

It seems to be quite logical for you to start your work on the Atlantis essay with reading Plato’s works. The point is that two of his dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias” are what the whole myth about Atlantis is based on. So, read the dialogues and make some notes for your essay on Atlantis. What did Plato say about Atlantis, its inhabitants, the way Atlantis disappeared, etc?

Greek legends

It will also be useful to study other Greek legends and myths before writing essays on Atlantis. According to some myths, the Greek god of the sea Poseidon was the owner of Atlantis.

Historical facts

There are several historical evidences that some people believe can prove the legend of Atlantis, and you should investigate them before writing your Atlantis essay. One of the evidences tells about the ancient Island of Thira, which was destroyed in 1470 BC by a volcanic eruption.

These are just a few aspects you need to consider before writing the essay on Atlantis.

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