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Essays on “Why We Should”: What to Talk about
Essays on “Why We Should”: What to Talk about
Does your task to write an essay on “Why We Should” sound weird to you? Can you not get what your teacher expects?

Well, it seems like your teacher is waiting for a mere persuasive essay on why we should or should not do something. These are just a few topic ideas for essays on “Why We Should”:

* essays on “Why We Should Honor Veterans”;
* essays on “Why We Should/Should not Spend Money on Space Exploration”;
* essays on “Why We Should Remember the Holocaust”;
* essays on “Why Students Should Write so Many Essays”, and so on.

In other words, any issue that bothers you may serve as the main idea of your essay on “Why We Should”. This is naturally only if your teacher has not provided other specifications.

Yet, the main problem with essays on “Why We Should” is not only about the topic, but also about the way you complete them.

Only think about it. There is some problem that you feel rather strongly about and believe that particular actions should be taken. But why other people should care? Or, why should they change their points of view?

What we mean is that you have to collect enough arguments, think about other possible ways to convince the reader like appealing to emotions. Do not neglect some simple but effective rules when writing your essay on “Why We Should”.

1. Take time to create a strong opening paragraph. Start to convince the reader from the very first lines.
2. If possible, find a real-life story to illustrate the problem you are talking about. It might help to arouse some feelings in the reader.

Do you think that we should stop all nuclear programs? Or, do you strongly believe that we should do something about soil erosion? Write about it in your paper and use our tips for writing soil erosion essays and nuclear weapons essays as a starting point.