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Essays on Mass Media: Giving Away Some Secrets
Essays on Mass Media: Giving Away Some Secrets
Bet you are not going to be too original when writing your essay on mass media. What we are talking about is that you will most probably start with checking free media essays and will choose one of typical mass media essay topics, something like:

* Advertising, ethical aspects, negative effects, etc.;
* Impact of mass media on aggressive behavior in people;
* Violence in mass media;
* Images that mass media creates, and so on.

Well, although these issues are rather serious and important, they are overused and they will not help you prepare an impressive essay on mass media.

If you want to amaze a teacher, you need to make some sort of sensation, just as all those journalists do to improve their rating. Do you have no clue how to write a sensational essay on mass media? Then let us give you a couple of hints.

Actually, all you need is a captivating and non-typical issue for discussion. Then, you just go deeper into details, read several good sources, and a fantastic mass media essay is ready.

These are a couple of topic ideas for your essay on mass media.

New media essays

The idea of new media revolves around the World Wide Web. At a glance, the idea does not seem to be new. However, what you should focus on is the content of various websites, people who control it, etc. One of the perfect examples for your new media essay is a site like MySpace.com.

Big secrets of media

Today, it seems that we have access to all kinds of information, starting from soap operas and TV shows up to reputable periodicals and TV channels. However, it is not a secret that media is controlled by big corporations, some “big guys” who actually decide what an average citizen will watch or read.