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Compare & Contrast Essay
Compare & Contrast Essay
A compare & contrast essay is the ideal way to convey important criteria about a topic to readers. It does not matter if they have not come across the topic before. The points you put across by comparing and contrasting either objects, events of personalities can simplify understanding. It is also quite simple to write and does not take up too much time, as most topics would be covered in school. You could gather additional information from over the internet. Understanding the topic is more important, as students would have limited scope of including all the points within the essay. There are established methods students could follow to write a comprehensive essay, some of which have been listed below.
The topic should be divided into sub topics and each sub topic dealt separately in a different paragraph. The introduction would have the thesis statement which would inform readers about the topic. Further details would include the methods going to be adapted when describing the topic. For example, in a compare and contrast essay, readers would be informed of both sides of the story. The body of the essay would then elaborate on each sub topic derived out of the topic.
An essay writing exercise should educate readers about a topic. Fresh and unique content is bound to encourage readers to read the essay. The simplicity of presenting attributes to compare and contrast between two items offers an ideal platform to stress on your side of the story. A logical representation is expected. So you have to ensure that the points are included in logical order and in the order of importance.
Choosing the right compare and contrast essay topics is important to ensure that the exercise becomes easier to complete. For example, if a topic is chosen out of the curriculum, understanding it without help could be difficult. There is a possibility that students would not be following the right approach and realizing it at a later stage. This would lead to wastage of time and effort.
Research is quite important to effectively compile content for an essay. Students should strive to present fresh and relevant content to generate interest among readers. Assessors would definitely rate it higher in recognition of the extra effort put in. Content should be obtained from several websites so that a balanced viewpoint can be presented.
The essay structure has to be sound so that the length of the essay cannot affect the flow of points included. For example, a research paper would extend to several pages and can create complications, if readers are not presented with a well structured essay.
Presenting a compare & contrast essay in a bulleted format would ensure that reading it would be easy. Students should edit and proof read the essay several times to ensure that there are no glaring grammatical errors or a loose sentence structure. Writing the essay is not too difficult, but readers should be interested in it. By following these simple guidelines, students would be able to write essays with logic and precision.

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