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Harvard Essay – Authoring Tips For Students
Harvard Essay – Authoring Tips For Students
A Harvard essay would be written using the Harvard referencing style, which is a general referencing style. It basically uses in-text citations with an author and date. You could write an APA essay using the Harvard style, though there are small differences in punctuations. The closest that comes to it is the Australian Government Publishing Style (AGPS), which is widely used by writers, editors and printers. It is important to note that your college or university might prescribe certain conventions to be followed. This would be the system you would follow rather than any particular style. If you have to follow the Harvard Style of referencing, here are some authoring tips you could use.
One of the main features in your Harvard essay is how a citation appears in the main text. It should be enclosed within parenthesis and should include the author’s name, year of publication, and page numbers (optional, so use if available). This is the standard format which would help identifying any item in the reference list appearing at the end of the essay.
The reference list offers complete details of a citation made within the text. The format would vary slightly depending on the source you are referring to. For example, a web page would have a URL, while a book would not.
How a citation appears in the text is decided by whether it interrupts the flow of text. If the author’s name does not appear out of place in the text, then it is cited by using the date within rounded brackets. For example, Tom (1997) designed a machine that produced organic fertilizer… This statement does not disrupt the flow of text.
If a citation does not fit into the text and does not make sense, it would be enclosed within the text. For example, My Company’s machine (Tom, 1997) was designed to produce organic fertilizer. Note that the author’s name is also included in the citation, as it would appear out of place within the text.
You may need to quote a passage within the text. It could be a single sentence. This would follow the normal citation process. For example, Tom (2009) advises that “Paramountessays.com is just the right place to connect with, when you are looking for a custom essay”.
If the passage is long and includes a paragraph, then it would be indented and would appear without quotation marks. For example, the following paragraph would be indented without quotation marks.

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Finally, the reference list should have an alphabetical list sorted by the author’s name. If the list has many works of the same author, then the works published in an earlier year would appear first.

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