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Chicago Format Papers
Chicago Format Papers
University teachers or professors usually give assignments or courseworks that should be done by following certain standard formats. All the standard writing formats are similar in some aspects and consist of some slight differences due to which they are categorized as different formatting styles. Out of these standard formats, Chicago format is one that is used more or less for academic writing of papers, essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, thesis and other academic tasks.

If you are not aware of the Chicago format of paper writing, follow the instructions below to write Chicago format papers:
1. For Chicago format papers, always use 1 inch margins on each side of the paper on which you are typing.

2. Keep double spacing between the lines. Single spacing is used for the quotations that are given in inverted commas. Moreover, the quotations that are given in the Chicago format papers are indented by four spaces.

3. The footnotes, endnotes and references are also given by using a single space between the lines of the Chicago format papers.

4. For Chicago style papers, the title page is always kept separate from the other document. The first page of the Chicago format papers will be the title page.

5. The numbering of pages starts from the second page of the paper. The page numbers are given in the upper right corner.

6. In Chicago papers, the Works Cited page is kept separate and is placed at the end of the document.

7. The exact quotations and summarized quotations are given references that are kept in parenthesis in the Chicago format papers.

8. The endnotes and footnotes in Chicago format papers are given with the bibliography.

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