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Extended Definition Essay
Extended Definition Essay
You probably know what a descriptive essay is. This kind of article intends to provide the physical attributes of any subject form people to object, places to events. However, there is another format of such an essay that you can utilize. This is the extended definition essay. You can write and define a certain word or notion that will take care of making your readers understand what it is. Just like in writing a descriptive essay, you need to describe the meaning of the word to the readers. Therefore, an extended definition essay will provide your audience the meaning of a word.

When someone asks you about the meaning or definition of a word, you will simply tell him a few phrases or exact definitions of it as long as you also know its meaning. However, some people cannot just understand a word or term with very few definition parameters. That is why an extended definition may be necessary for reading. We say extended because we can actually expand the true definition of the word by citing several parameters of interest about it. Have you seen spelling bee contests? Well when the contestants ask for some more details about the words, the panel will give them some more details about the word to test their (contestants) familiarity with it. Thus, the panel is committing an extended definition procedure. This is the same when writing extended definition essays. You will simply add more info about a term so the readers will fully understand it.

In writing extended definition essay articles, what parameter definitions of the word should we provide to the readers? Here are the important aspects of the word that you must include in your extended definition essay:
Word etymology or the historical roots of the term
Apply the word to a certain sensory application like how it looks, feels, sounds, smells and tastes
Identify the word parts
Explain to the reader how it is used in a conversation
Discuss what the word is not so it can have boundaries against other terms
Provide examples of the term definition for proper illustration
Extend its similarities and differences compared to other words

What is the purpose of writing an extended definition essay? The main objective of this essay type is to inform rather than simply describe. This is its major difference compared to a descriptive essay. An extended definition article wants to make sure that the readers will have better understanding on a particular term. Moreover, it gives them the chance to understand the word in a different approach other than what it already obvious and familiar.

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