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Diagnostic Essay
Diagnostic Essay
An essay that intends to capture the capabilities of a writer will have to be written. In most cases, a diagnostic essay is required to the students to compose when the classes start. This is the true meaning of writing the essay, to see what abilities the students have and what areas of improvement are necessary for them to take a look at. But what does this kind of essay measure?

We all want to write the best essay. However, not all of us are capable of composing them. That is why teachers need to measure the skills of the students through a diagnostic essay. This essay targets special attributes of students that will be necessary to write their future articles. Let me give you the basic standard capabilities that are measured.
Ability to select a good topic. This skill is important for a student to have. You should be able to always select a subject that is feasible, relevant, important and interesting.
Skills in essay structuring. An essay is a structured article that needs to follow the development process. You should know how to write the parts like introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs.
Grammar and Spelling. Although this aspect can be checked in proofreading, the skills of the students in this domain are measured in an essay.
Ability to cite resource materials. Almost all essay formats need to use citation schemes like APA and MLA styles.
Coherence. The skill of the student in writing a coherent and logical essay is measured in a diagnostic essay.
Overall communication skills. The ability of the student to provide a quality and interesting essay is measured too. The article must have a natural charm to the readers which therefore signifies the effectiveness of the authors writing skills.

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