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Nursing Essays
Nursing Essays
All you want to know about nursing essays

A nursing essay is a part of a nursing admission process. Candidates who want to get into a nursing school have to write a nursing school admission essay. This type of essay is short, precise and is the most important aspect of the admission process in a nursing school.
Tips to write a nursing essay

1. Have a plan in place: Whether you write Urdu essays or essay in English it is important to have a plan in place. Nursing essays vary between 500-1000 words. This doesn’t leave any room for error and hence you will have to choose words carefully. It is beneficial to follow the outline. While writing the essay mention what all you have done in your entire life and where you see yourself two years down the line. It is not that you will have to write an entire essay describing yourself that is you do not have to write an “essay about myself”. The key here lies in highlighting your positive points to capture the attention of the reader.

2. Make your essay creative: Evaluators have to deal with thousands of nursing essays. Hence, you need to write your essay creatively to make it stand out from the others. The best way to do this is to include some of your personal experiences which encapsulate your dedication towards your work or service. Majority of evaluators look for unique points in the essay while short-listing the candidates.

3. Organize your essay: Everyone loves to read things that are well-organized. The same thing applies to this type of essay. You must present your essay in a professional manner. This also includes the format such as writing your name in the upper left-hand corner, leaving a half-inch space for paragraphs and so on. As nursing essays are short in length the best way to write them is to keep the paragraphs short.

4. Proofread the essay: Majority of would-be nurses forget to proofread their essays and hence lose a seat in a nursing school. Thus, once you complete your essay proofread it at least once. Check for grammatical errors before submitting it. A single mistake will make your essay look dull and sloppy which is not suitable for a nurse. Hence, it is important for you to read your essay aloud to identify the redundant words and errors.

These were some of the tips that will help you in the process of writing nursing essays. Always give your best and write things that best describe your personal traits and your interest in the healthcare field. Be direct and avoid elicit pity as it will make you appear fake in the eyes of the evaluator.

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