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Business Essay for a Management Aspirant
Business Essay for a Management Aspirant
Business Essay Ė Basic Guidelines

If you have completed your college degree and looking for an entrance into a Masters course in the business and administration line, then most presumably you will have to write a business essay. Some colleges will ask for more than one essays during application, so be prepared to write well, if you want to get admission into any of the top business schools. Follow the writing tips given below to come up with a good business essay.

1. The most probable question for the essay would be as to why are you applying for MBA in this particular college. The answer for this essay will be a little tricky. Most people who apply for business management courses do it for better salaries and better positions at work. However saying this in you essay wonít work. It will not be so short and simple. Here you will have to talk about your dreams and aspirations and how having a MBA degree will help you to achieve that goal. The main idea is present yourself well and let them know what sort of person you are and where exactly you are headed in life. Write the essay in a strong and firm manner and discuss in details about one to two goals in your life, and elaborate on those goals only. Donít generalize or use vague terms and words or you essay may get rejected. Speak of your past achievements and discuss your future aspirations and what motivations you have in life. Write what you know about their school and their class programs but donít go too overboard by heaping too many praises. Just mention that you are aware of their curriculum and mention if you know of any of the ex graduates from that school. So the main thing will be to let them know very firmly and directly, that you have had certain achievements in the past and hope to do even better in the future. Vagueness and generalization in business essays are a definite no-no.

2. You may also be asked to write about how you had in the past shown strong leadership skills. Here you have to take up incidents from your life and show how you have managed to take charge of things and had led people. This is very important, as leadership skills are a must for any management courses, so prepare beforehand to write this answer and write well too, if you wish to get admission in the college of your choice.

3. Other common topics or question you may be asked to write on are, as to how do you plan to contribute to the school in future, or what are your accomplishments, or write about a time where you failed and how you coped with this failure, or who is your role model and why. These are all very common questions that can be easily answered. However you must remember that these answers will decide your admission in the college so do not take them lightly but prepare well beforehand.

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