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An Inspector Calls Essay – Bring Out the Underlying Social Message
An Inspector Calls Essay – Bring Out the Underlying Social Message
An Inspector Calls Essay – Guidelines

An inspector calls essay is based on a play written by the playwright J.B. Priestley in 1912. It was first dramatized in Russia in 1945 and a year later in UK. Much recently in 1992 it was again successfully revived by Stephen Daldry. This play is considered to be one of the greatest classics of the English theatre. The play was written by Priestley to show his sympathies for socialism.

The beginning of the essay should place the play in its right context by correctly explaining its political and ideological aspects and the social message given out. It should bring to the reader’s notice that the playwright through this drama tries to tell us that we as human beings should care enough for all other human beings. Based on this socialist view the thesis statement of the essay can be formed.

The body of the essay will have to examine the three act play very carefully. It will have to first tell the story about how the entire incident revolves round the appearance of an inspector Goole into the lives of comfortably off, middle class family named Birlings. It was the night when the daughter of the family Sheila gets engaged, so a night of celebration. However this celebratory mood disappears with the coming of the inspector who starts questioning them in connection to a suicide of Eva green also known as Daisy Renton, a working class young lady. Seemingly after this the play unfolds like a detective story but there is an underlying message and meaning that the essay writer must bring out strongly to the reader.

Another important aspect in this academic essay writing is that the writer must analyse each character very well. How each character reacts to the inspector’s questionings and their metamorphosis in the later part of the play must be well brought out and explained. Sheila, who at the beginning appeared to be a young girl enjoying her life, later changes to a more mature and a much more responsible person. This change has to be well analysed and well represented in the essay paper.

To write well for this paper it is necessary to read the play thoroughly and understand it well. The underlying social message has to be understood well to be able to bring it out and present it to the reader. It is almost impossible to write an excellent paper on this theme without reading the entire drama.

An inspector calls essay calls for detailed reading and an in-depth analysis of the play. Writing an essay outline first will help one to explore the topic well and yet stay on track. Explore the various sample essays and other essay writing examples on this theme. They will guide one to write better. One will also have to keep an eye for the correct essay format and follow it religiously and also give proper essay references , if any. However if one does not get the time to read the whole essay or feels he will not be able to analyse the characters well, then all he needs to do is to come to us

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