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Child Labour Essays The Two Sides of a Coin
Child Labour Essays  The Two Sides of a Coin
Child Labour Essays Basic Guidelines

Child labour essays fall under the category of sociology essays and make for a very interesting theme to write on. This is one of the most researched and well documented themes, so a student or a writer should not face much difficulties while gathering information. This is also a very controversial research topic and has faced a lot of stiff opposition and popular support, both. As in all sociology topics this one also needs to be analysed form the view point of a third person. Using various sociological theories this theme will have to be analyzed, objective observations made and concepts of sociology applied will have to be applied to the issue to come up with some sort of conclusion.

Child labour is the bane of civilisation and is seen in almost all countries around the world. However it is more rampant in the under developed and the developing countries. The root cause is seen mainly to be poverty. Children of the age group 5 years to 14 years are sent off to work in factories and other dangerous places for a basic minimum wage. They toil daily under extremely harsh, unhygienic and also often in dangerous conditions to earn their meagre share of money. Often many children are huddled together in one small room and made to work from dawn till midnight, seven days a week, without any basic facilities for food, water or sanitation. Such terrible exploitations are often accompanied by merciless beatings for one small mistake.

Child labour is often forced with the child having not much of a choice. It has been seen that these children come from very poor families and more often than not their wages sustain an entire family consisting of aged or handicapped parents and younger siblings. For them going to school is a luxury they cannot afford. From a very young age they are made to understand that time is money and every moment spent at school means less money or wasted labour.

Thus from the above the discussion one gets the idea that there are two sides of a coin. One side depicts the terrible conditions under which these children work, the other side tells us the story of how often an entire family survives on the wages of this young child. So this is not an easy problem as it appears and needs to be dealt with care and sensitivity. The whole problem is a part of the poverty loop and is quite difficult to deal with. A lot of in depth research work is required to write on this topic. Also one must strongly feel for the issue to write well.

Like any other five paragraph essay this will also consist of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction will present the topic to the readers with a brief write up and will explain the main terms and terminologies. The thesis statement will also have to be presented here. The body will discuss the problem in detail and give evidences and present facts and figures to the readers. A workable and logical solution will have to be drawn up here and the reader convinced that the solution will work in practical life. The conclusion will sum up the entire discussion and reiterate the thesis statement.

Child labour essays depict a depressing picture of the society from every angle. It has have to be dealt with proper understanding and the writer must necessarily feel for the issue. Read the available sample essays, online essays and other essay helps related to this topic so that one is confident enough to start with the essay writing. If you feel that issue is too difficult for you to handle then place an order for your essay at

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