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Poverty Essay A Depressing Picture Representation
Poverty Essay  A Depressing Picture Representation
Poverty Essay- Explore Well to Write the Perfect Paper

Academic essay writing, be it term paper writing or research paper writing involves a lot of hard work. Starting right from choosing the most suitable writing topic to thinking of a proper and attractive title, to doing actual exploration on the chosen topic. Writing on a poverty essay will follow the same procedure. It will follow the requisite essay format. The writer will also have to know how to cite a paper so that it meets the necessary formatting pattern set by the instructor for the essay. Like any other essay it will have the five paragraph essay format and will begin with an introduction, proceed to the body and wind up with a conclusion.

When you start writing this paper the first thing that you will have to search for is the definition of poverty. Definitely there will be many different definitions of the term poverty but the writer will have to use his own judgement and choose the most suitable one that strikes a chord with his theme. Next he will have to discuss the various aspects of poverty as to how it is created, what are the probable factors of poverty etc. After this the writer will have to discuss on the effects of poverty, and describe how people resort to robbing and other anti social activities just to get one proper meal a day. There are enough instances where a mother is willing to sell her child for some paltry sum of money or a woman is forced to join the sex trade to feed her family. Such examples can be given to show the effects that poverty can have on people. The best would be to take up some poverty stricken country like Bangladesh, Zambia and discuss on them giving specific examples from those countries. Even USA or UK can be chosen and research can be done to find out the poverty situation there. Some good sites that will give good information on poverty will be UNICEF or WHO and other similar organisational sites that work for human benefit. After this the writer will have to discuss on how to combat poverty. Here he can present his own ideas and views. At the end part will be a discussion on the possible ways of eradicating poverty. Here again the writer can present his own opinion and views. A poverty essay will be primarily a discussion essay or an informative essay and the writer will have to write accordingly. This type of essay is easy to write on as it has a lot of ready material available. One just needs to do some research work into it and arrange the facts in a relevant and logical manner and present them in an attractive way to the reader.

Poverty essay will not pose to be a problem to most writers. Check out our available sample essays to make sure you know the technicalities of essay writing. You can also check other good essay examples so that you get an idea as to how to go about writing an A grade paper. However if you feel that you need expert help, all you need to do is to come

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