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Smoking Essay – One Social Cause that Cannot be Allowed to go up in Smoke
Smoking Essay – One Social Cause that Cannot be Allowed to go up in Smoke
Smoking Essay – Basic Guidelines

‘Quit smoking’. How many times have you heard this piece of advise? And how many times have you bothered to actually listen to the reasons behind the slogan ‘quit smoking’? So it is high time one knows the logic behind that reasoning, as to why one should not smoke. And what better way to learn about this than to write an essay about this very topic. One learns as he reads and writes on the subject and he becomes more aware about the ill effects of this habit. It is for this very reason, that is, to create awareness, that students are asked to write a smoking essay.

Children and young adults are the most vulnerable to fall prey to this habit. Admonitions, punishments do not work as well as creating awareness does. So one will have to teach the young people and show them what can happen if they do not stop smoking. Teaching meaning making them do the research work by themselves is the best possible way. To write on this topic one will have to do an extensive and in depth research work into the subject. One can start with the harmful ingredients that go into making a cigarette. Then one can proceed to the harmful ingredients like carbon monoxide, nicotine that go into the body while one is happily puffing away. After this one will have to discuss about the concepts of passive and active smoking. One will have to point out how people who are not smoking are also getting affected owing to the active smokers. Here one can mention how children are more prone to getting affected as they are more vulnerable being in the developing phase and also their breathing rate being faster when compared to an adult. Unborn babies, children with asthma are the worst sufferers of passive smoking. After this one can go into details discussing the diseases that are directly related to smoking and smokers. Smoking causes cancers of almost every kind, lung diseases like emphysema and heart ailments and these are to be discussed in details. Stress must be given on the fact that none of the effects of smoking are good. Smoking is a definite killer and this has to be explained in clear and plain tones.

This essay like any other piece of academic essay writing will follow the normal essay formats. There are different types of formatting which the writer must be aware of and must use the right format as instructed by the professor. This essay can be written in the form of an informative essay, where one can give information to the reader or in a persuasive essay format where he can try to persuade the reader to give up smoking.

Writing a smoking essay is more or less an easy job with lots of information available in the form of books, journals and on the internet. One will just have to look for it. Check out our sample essays available to make sure you get the proper guidance to write the perfect essay. If you wish you can also place an order

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