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Types of Essays – Pick and Choose Something that Suits your Style and Want
Types of Essays – Pick and Choose Something that Suits your Style and Want
Types of Essays – Guidelines

There are various types of essays that are available to a writer to choose from and write on. In general, choosing the right type of essay depends largely on a student’s subject of study and also on the instructor’s choice. Writing a good essay does not stop here. Once the essay type is fixed one has to choose the perfect topic or theme. Choosing the correct writing topic is also very important and one has to choose something that is interesting to both the writer and the reader. Then the writer also has to be aware of the different types of formatting followed in academic essay writing and follow religiously whatever format the professor has prescribed. The essay written must be completely free of any sort of grammatical or spelling error and the language must be smooth and easy flowing and the paper should be well researched with correct and relevant facts and figures properly presented with correct citations and references given to avoid any charges of plagiarism. Thus to get the perfect essay one must put in a lot of effort and hard work.
There are many types of essays one can choose from and these are:

Personal essay – It deals with personal experiences and here the essay revolves around some incident the writer wishes to share from his own life and is a sort of story telling. Personal essay topics should be carefully chosen from one’s everyday experiences and should be something which has left a deep impact on the writer.

Critical essay – Here the writer takes up a topic like maybe a book that he has read or a movie/theater that he has seen and discusses in detail about his feelings and gives his opinion on the subject. A critical essay maybe positive or negative depending on the writer’s viewpoint. The writer while writing this essay has to remain neutral and review the subject with a completely unbiased mind. before penning his thoughts.

Cause and effect essay – These essays deal with topics which discuss the cause as to why a certain incident happened and the effect as to what happened after the incident took place.
As for example: cause – recession. The effect – increase in joblessness, business giants going bankrupt etc.

Comparison essay – Here two themes are chosen from related or similar fields and the similarities and differences between the two discussed in details, as for example, a comparison essay may be written discussing the two modes of travel like an aeroplane and a ship.

Argumentative or persuasive essay – Here one chooses a topic preferably a controversial one and present it in such a way so as to convince the reader and make him accept and agree with his view point backed by correct evidences and reasoning.

Classification essay – In this essay the writer divides or organizes various similar things into various categories and sorts them out methodically to the reader.

Narrative essay – This is a very detailed description about an incident from the writer’s personal life and the writer has to properly develop his story around this one incident and make it interesting to keep the reader’s unwavering attention.

Discussion essay – This is very easy to write on. Any general topic can be chosen on which the writer wants to share information with his reader and a detailed description needs to be given on it.

There are many types of essays to write on and if a writer is given a choice where he can pick and choose, then it is best that he chooses something that he is interested in and has some knowledge on. If he feels confused he can always seek professional and expert help from Essay-911.com and get his A level essay written in no time.

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