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Police Corruption Essays are Controversial Essays
Police Corruption Essays are Controversial Essays
Police Corruption Essays are controversial essays as the topic is dealing with controversial aspects of the law enforcing authority. Problem of police corruption has always been a problem in US and all other countries. Transparency International, international non-profit watch dog on good governance publishes the ranks of the countries according to their surveys from business, government and other sources. Every year a Corruption Perception Index is published by them and separate figures are made available for police corruption. This shows that there is no country that is free from police corruption though the levels may differ.
Many Facets of Police Corruption

Forced disappearances, torture and extortion to extract confessions, accepting bribes, providing insider information, direct involvements in various criminal activities like drug, arms and human trafficking are only a few of the many corrupt practices resorted to by few yet significant police officers. In poor countries police officers accept bribes from criminals and other law breakers to supplement their low incomes. In many countries politicians bribe the police to intimidate the rival politicians and get help in rigging the elections etc. The bribes take the form of promotions, perks like vehicles and luxury official housing etc. This is a great obstacle in tackling the police corruption. All these points lend to controversial essay topics and students must choose carefully as to what they wish to write on and how they would write it.
Opposing Police Corruption is Dangerous

The student can write excellent argumentative essays on this type of topics, given the relevance and interest on the topic. However, choosing to write highly opinionated or highly argumentative essays backed with evidence can jeopardize student’s safety in some countries. However, in countries in the West where freedom of speech is highly respected and safeguarded, the public may have a greater opportunity to address topics such as the police corruption.
Writing a Police Corruption Essay

If you have been assigned an essay on this subject, it is important that you find the right facts and figures to back up any of the statements you are making. Also, consider the associated repercussions which any of your statements within the essay can bring forth. While this subject certainly falls to the category of “interesting essay topics” how comfortable or secure it is to cite revealing information and evidence is a choice the writer must make. If the topic is assigned, the best approach to take is to offer information and analytical view instead of personal opinions and arguments on the subject.
Getting Help with Essay Writing

When students have to write touchy essays such as police corruption essays, it is best that they enlist some writing help. Referring to few essay examples can be of help as well. A well established essay writing service can be the best option, should the student decide on seeking professional help.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers