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English Article Writing: Spread the Latest Changes in the World!
English Article Writing: Spread the Latest Changes in the World!
Many young people admire the work of journalists. Well, English article writing can make you feel a journalist. What can you consider while writing your English article? You may explore some new places, new opinions, or new phenomenon.

How to make your English article writing successful? You should make sure that your article contains the main points.

1. In the first place, your English article writing should start with choosing some catching, intriguing or even provocative topic. Well, you do not need to go to Cambodia, but you should reveal something your classmates did not know. For instance, you have recently found a small (unknown or unpopular) public garden in your city. Your English article writing can become a depiction of this placeís beauty. You can also consider a new trend. Perhaps, you know about the development of the new movement or subculture. This can become an outstanding reason for writing your article.
2. While writing your English article you should pay much attention to your style. It should be catching. You must grab readersí attention. To work out your style you may read some articles before you start your English article writing. Use bold similes and unique metaphors, include allusions and do insert some humor. Well, no one expects Byronís poetic language in your paper. However, you should make it interesting for your readers.
3. Your English article writing can be a reflection of your thoughts. However, it can be better to include some expertsí opinions into your paper. This will make your article more subtle and profound. You reader will appreciate the diversity of opinions in your work.
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