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Visual Arts Essays: Some Rules of Writing about Art
Visual Arts Essays: Some Rules of Writing about Art
Maybe, you do not realize it yet, but visual arts and writing are closely connected to each other. When you look at some paintings, you get visual images and perception. When you write about paintings, you have to create the same images, but only with the help of words. It is not that simple as you may think, and preparing an excellent visual arts essay may be a more complicated task than you expect.

Certainly, we are not here to scare you or make you panic. On the contrary, we want to explain you some basic rules of writing about art and preparing great visual art essays.

Visual arts essays: learn the main art terms

Without your awareness and correct use of specific art terms, your visual arts essay will be just incomplete and will look unprofessional. Needless to say, you cannot count on a good grade in this case. Here are some essential terms to be learned before writing visual arts essays:

* Terms referring to the elements of art: color, line, shape, form, texture;
* Terms referring to the principles of design: balance, contrast, pattern, emphasis.

In other words, you cannot write something like “It is an amazing painting because of those nice colors” in your visual arts essay. You have to explain your opinions and feelings using professional terms.

Visual arts essays: know what to do

Usually, tutors provide guidelines that explain what exactly you are supposed to do when writing your visual arts essay. All you need to know is how to “decipher” those prompts. For instance, if you are asked to:This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers