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“Othello” Essays: A Play about Racism or Human Nature?
“Othello” Essays: A Play about Racism or Human Nature?
“Othello” is one of the most famous Shakespeare’s plays as well as it is one of his the most controversial works. Many literary critics view it as a racist play because of the main characters – a black general Othello who marries a white woman Desdemona, and relations between them.

Other critics believe that Shakespeare could not seriously touch upon racial issues and that “Othello” is devoted to other important problems that remain to be the same acute as several centuries ago.

Anyway, it is up to you what to believe in and what to write about in your essay on “Othello”. Just keep in mind that any assertions or claims you make in your “Othello” essay should be supported. Thus, make sure you collect enough evidences from the play before writing your “Othello” essay.

By the way, if you are completely stuck and you cannot come up with the main idea of your “Othello” essay, check out free essays on “Othello” written by other students. What does the play mean to them? What problems do others tend to discuss free essays on “Othello”? You can also read our article about an Othello coursework, which will help to come up with ideas.

Yet, if you are short of time, choose one of the problems listed below to disclose in your “Othello” essay. These are major issues raised in the play and ideas that you will most probably find in “Othello” free essays.Thi s post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers