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Biology Research Papers: Simple Instructions for Writing
Biology Research Papers: Simple Instructions for Writing
Even if you are not that good at Biology and do not like this subject in general, writing a Biology research paper can still be very exciting and not too complicated. Do not believe? Then, check our simple instructions for writing good Biology research papers.

Basically, your Biology research paper should consist of two parts: theoretical and experimental. To prepare the first part of the project, you simply need good searching skills to find necessary info. The experimental part of your Biology research paper requires some elementary skills of making biological experiments.

Here are additional details about how to complete your Biology research paper.

Biology research papers: a theoretical part

We call it theoretical, because your major task boils down to presenting general knowledge of the chosen topic. Say, you want to investigate certain species of a flower or other plant. You can include in your Biology research paper the following theoretical information:

* description of species;
* meaning of the plantís name;
* its life cycle;
* reproduction;
* its behavior in the ecosystem, etc.

This information is not that difficult to find. Even your textbooks can be good starting points. Other good sources are encyclopedias, where you can find many references to other resources.

Biology research papers: an experimental part
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