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Research Proposal Samples: Models to Start with
Research Proposal Samples: Models to Start with
No matter whether you are working on a dissertation proposal or a proposal for any other research, you need some basic guidelines. This especially refers to those who have to prepare a proposal for the first time, although experienced proposal writers might have some doubts as well.

So, no matter what you know about writing proposals at the present moment, additional instructions will be right in time. And, it would be better to “receive” these instructions from a real research proposal sample, a proposal that was written and approved.

Yes, research proposal samples are the best models for writing. At least, reading and analyzing research proposal samples is the most effective way to learn the main rules and principles of completing this kind of work.

So, first ask your advisor to give you a couple of research proposal samples or surf the Web and find them. Mind that all research proposal samples might be somewhat different, but this should not confuse you.

Your task is not to copy everything from research proposal samples into your own paper. What you should do is analyze them and figure out some general keys to writing effective research proposals.

Basically, all students use research proposal samples as a research proposal outline or a plan for writing proposals. Such outlines explain what sections a good research proposal should include and what information is usually presented in these sections.

Let us help you a little and remind about all these necessary sections so that you could make sure you use correct research proposal samples.


The following things can be presented in this section:

* background info
* statement of problem
* research question
* research objectives
* significance of your research
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