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Reaction Essays: Expressing your Reaction
Reaction Essays: Expressing your Reaction
“Gosh, it was amazing! Have never seen something like that before!” “Oh, nothing special, really. A dull plot, predictable events cannot surprise me”.

These are all expressions of people’s reaction to something. We hear these words every day. While this way to express your reaction is fine for a typical conversation with your friends, it will not work for a reaction essay.

Obviously, you are not sure how to write reaction essays. Then, a plan we have prepared for you will be useful.

First, let us explain what a reaction essay is all about. In a few words, it is a paper where you can express your ideas, opinions, and impressions about something, usually, a book, a movie, an event, etc.

What is a suitable way to structure reaction papers? Many students prefer to write five-paragraph reaction essays. Yet, we should say that there is no standard when it comes to expressing personal knowledge and opinion.

You will have to take some simple steps to prepare an excellent reaction paper.

Step 1
First, you need to find a topic for your reaction essay. It will not be difficult. Just read a book, watch a movie, or something on TV.

Step 2
While watching or reading, note what you feel and think.

Step 3
Your reaction essay will start with the introduction of your reaction. In the body paragraphs, you need to explain why you feel this way. Find some relevant quotes, examples to make your reaction essay sound stronger.
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