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Essays on “Hedda Gabler”: Discussing the “Female Hamlet”
Essays on “Hedda Gabler”: Discussing the “Female Hamlet”
“Hedda Gabler” is a famous play written by Henrik Ibsen – a Norwegian playwright. It is hard to believe that the premier of the play received many negative reviews. Today, “Hedda Gabler” is considered to be a world drama, and the role of Hedda is called the “female Hamlet”.

What is so special about the character of Hedda? Why does it call such strong emotions and feelings? You will find answers after reading the play. Your attitude towards the main heroine can serve as the main idea of your essay on “Hedda Gabler”. For instance, you may answer the following questions in your essay on “Hedda Gabler”:

* How do you feel about Hedda? Do you like her? Feel sympathetic?
* What do you think about Hedda’s attitude to marriage, her husband?
* Can you justify Hedda’s actions?

Sure, essays on “Hedda Gabler” can be devoted to any other character:

* Hedda’s husband Jorgen Tesman, who comes from a lower class, and this makes a great barrier between them.
* Eilert Lovborg – a young talented man, a friend of Hedda. He is a writer, a scholar who comes from a rich family, but is wasting his talent having parties and drinking all the time.
* Miss Rina or Miss Juliana Tesman – these are minor characters, two aunties of Jorgen. Explain in your essay on “Hedda Gabler” what roles they play in this story.

The play also touches upon various themes that can also serve as the main idea of essays on “Hedda Gabler”.

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