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Essays on “The Waste Land”: A Poem that Caused a Sensation
Essays on “The Waste Land”: A Poem that Caused a Sensation
The famous poem “The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot was published in 1922 and immediately caused a sensation. In a few words, Eliot described his vision of the modern life in the poem. Why was this poem sensational? How did T.S. Eliot manage to do that? You will understand everything after reading the poem.

By the way, reading the poem is absolutely necessary if you are assigned an essay on “The Waste Land”. Since the poem is quite difficult to understand, we advise you to read critical comments.

To prepare a good “The Waste Land” essay, you should also study Eliot’s biography, particularly the period when the poem was written. Some events in Eliot’s life affected the plot of the poem.

The poem consists of four sections:

* “The Burial of the Dead”
* “A Game of Chess”
* “The Fire Sermon”
* “Death by Water”

While reading each section, make notes to use them later when writing the essay on “The Waste Land”. Make a list of characters (the Narrator, Stetson, Madame Sosostris, and others), write what you feel about each one, and make sure you understand what role each character plays in the poem.

How to complete essays on “The Waste Land”

Now that you understand the poem, think how to complete your essay on “The Waste Land”. Here are possible options you may choose from.

The main themes in your essay on “The Waste Land”

Trace the main themes depicted in the poem: death, rebirth, love, lust, history, and others. Check in what sections of the poem they appear.

Personal vs. universal in your essay on “The Waste Land”This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers