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Fake Essays: How to Make, What for
Fake Essays: How to Make, What for
Please, let us forget for a while about all those preachments about academic honesty. Sure, nobody argues that a good student should be honest towards his/her peers and teachers.

Yet, you should also be honest towards yourself. Do you need good grades? Do you always have time for completing your essays and courseworks? No? Then a fake coursework or essay is just what you need!

How to make a fake essay

Well, everything is rather simple. Yet, even fake essays require some time and efforts of yours.

So, if for some reasons you cannot complete your assignment, do the following:

* find a couple of essays online devoted to the topic you need;
* read them through several times and mark all passages that cover the topic;
* finally, copy-paste those passages in another word document.

This is it! Your fake essay is ready.

What you should know about fake essays

So, at a glance, fake essays are a very simple way to get a good grade. Still, do not hurry to rejoice, because fake essays can be easily spotted.

Basically, this happens because your teachers are not that naive as many students think. At least, they know how you write and think. Thus, if you do not change the writing style and vocabulary in your fake essay, you will be caught. What we mean is that fake essays require some significant changes to look like your own work.

Besides, always remember about plagiarism detection programs that help teachers track down fake essays. If you have even one line, which is the same as in someone else’s essay, your cheat will be revealed. Thus, be VERY CAREFUL with fake essays.
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