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Creative Book Reports: Free Ideas for You
Creative Book Reports: Free Ideas for You
Every book is interesting and unique in its own way. Every author has his/her own reasons for writing a book and tries to convey a specific message. When making a creative book report, your task boils down to demonstrating this uniqueness and the main message in a creative way.

We agree that coming up with creative book report ideas is not easy. The great majority of students think of making PowerPoint presentations or interviews with the main characters when it comes to creative book reports.

While these are not bad ideas and PowerPoint presentations can be really exciting, teachers are a bit tired of them. Thus, we want to show you some other ways of preparing a creative book report.

Creative book reports: idea #1

Try acting out. This idea might seem a bit trivial. However, a good show with costumes and some decorations is never boring. So, if you feel confident about your acting talent, you have a chance to make one of the best creative book reports in your class.

Creative book reports: idea #2

Writing an additional chapter of a book is not only a good way to make a creative book report, it is also a way to show your deep understanding of the book.

Creative book reports: idea #3

Making a kind of a puppet show will definitely amaze your teacher. Do not think it will take you too much time. Make at least two puppets of the main characters, simple decorations, and think about proper voices for each character.

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