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Nursing Research Proposal
Nursing Research Proposal
A Nursing research proposal writing is the first step to a research paper or dissertation writing on nursing.

The research proposal contains the main ideas of the further paper. It presents a Nursing research topic, the research objectives, and defines the research direction. Besides, the Nursing research proposal contains the hypothesis.

The Nursing research proposal should be divided into the significant parts, such as:

* A hypothesis statement and motivation, including the Nursing research objectives.
* The Nursing research proposal abstract is the summary of your work.
* The historical background, which describes the previous Nursing researches on the related topics.
* The technical approach, which describes your further Nursing research, shows its direction and points out the future content.
* The list of references, which numbers all the sources you have used for the background reading.
The main goal of the Nursing research proposal is to present your Nursing research, to catch the readerís interest.

It does not have to be both too long and too complicated. You should describe the main idea of your Nursing research in simple words so that everyone understands it. You should not use any scientific terms here. The language of the Nursing research proposal does not have to be very formal.This post originally appeared on http://essayblog.org/essay/essay-writers