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Film Studies Essays: Exclusive Suggestions
Film Studies Essays: Exclusive Suggestions
Many students enjoy discussing films. Thus, writing film studies essays is one of their favorite assignments. There are some many cool things to talk about. However, this great variety of ideas for film studies essays can become an obstacle.

So, if you cannot choose what particular topic to discuss, look through free film studies essays first, just to concentrate and find out what other guys are writing about. However, do not copy those ideas. We are sure you will come up with a unique and exciting topic for the film studies essay on your own.

Right now, you can check out our topic suggestions for film studies essays.

Comparing movies shot and released at a particular period of time

What movies do you like –those of the 1980s, 1990s, or today’s films? So, before you start writing your film studies essay, choose a period.

Then, select 3 films as examples (you can consider two or more movies, this is up to you). Say, you like films of the 1990s. In your film studies essay, you may consider Terminator, Fight Club, and Human Traffic. Do they have something in common? In what ways are they different from films released nowadays?

Techniques used in shocking cinema

It seems to be a perfect topic for your film studies essay if you like psychological horror movies. What techniques are used to shock the audience? You can also compare films shot in different periods and techniques used.

Discussing a particular genre

What is your favorite genre? Why do you like it? What are its typical features? In what famous movies was this genre used? Answer these questions in your film studies essay.

You can also use our tips for writing The Truman Show essay.

If next time you need to consider some music issues, read our article about music essay writing.

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