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High-Powered Ideas for E-Mail Essays
High-Powered Ideas for E-Mail Essays
E-mailing is one of the most widely used forms of electronic communication. Some time ago, we did not have ICQs or SKYPEs, and only e-mails gave us an opportunity to get in touch with each other.

This powerful tool of electronic communication is the topic of your next written assignment. Surely, the content of your e-mails is not something that may interest a tutor in the e-mail essay. So, if you have no other ideas for the essay on e-mail, make use of our suggestions.

E-mail essays: e-mail security

It is not necessary for you to be too narrowed or focused if you choose to discuss this issue in your essay on e-mail. This topic can be viewed in general terms. Present general information about e-mails as means of communication and then pass to the issue of e-mail security.

E-mail essays: e-mail privacy in the workplace

It is not a secret that employers monitor the work of their employees. Monitoring e-mails is quite a widespread phenomenon as well. On the one hand, it seems to be rather logical, since employers do not want the leakage of some secret or important data. On the other hand, it violates employees’ right for privacy. Such topic can also be developed in your future Law essay.

E-mail essays: e-mails in college life

Sending assignments via e-mail is a common practice for many academic institutions. Do you find it convenient? Do you see some flaws in using e-mail for studies? Present your opinion in the essay on e-mail.

E-mail essays: “Carnivore”

“Carnivore” is a system used by FBI to examine and analyze e-mails sent and received by people suspected in committing crimes. This is an excellent issue to cover in e-mail essays, since it is one more controversy of nowadays.
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