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Once you have an idea for a book and a plan for how to get it written and marketed, it?s time to put your brain to work with some writing exercises. Here are 10 different tips to help your brain get the ?WRITE? idea: ? When an idea comes to you, usually unexpectedly, it is time to write ? right now! Record it on anything that?s handy and transfer it to full size paper as soon as possible so you won?t lose it. ? You should write as long and as often as possible when you...

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?TAKE THE MYTH OUT OF BESTSELLER, AND WRITE YOU ONE!? When we see the word "Bestseller," it usually means selling a great number of books, starting around 30-50 thousand copies. Certain bookstores report the sales to certain lists and the book is listed as a bestseller. Well, many, many bookstores that sell lots of an author?s books do not report to those lists. Then there are ordinary writers like you and me who sell thousands of books on their own and they don?t report t...

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Learning affects an individual’s behavior through cognition in many ways. One of the most obvious ways is the acquiring of a skill. Kohler, a Gestaltist, was a believer in the value of perception and insight in terms of our cognition and how we are more than our behavior… that we actually have mental processes that govern our capacity to solve problems and make decisions in regards to learning and behavior. Kohler performed many experiments with chimpanzees to assist his theory about perception and insight. Although, we cannot confine our learning to solely abiding in Kohler’s theory, he was still able to allow room for the reflective places in cognition and how we go about using these tools.

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In my report I will be discussing the Boston Massacre. I will be looking at the Boston Massacre from three different perspectives. These perspectives are from such people as Boston colonists Samuel Adams; Tom Hutchinson, Lieutenant Governor and Acting Governor in 1770; and Captain Preston and his troops. I will also hold some depositions from people who were actually close or at the massacre. I will be showing the differences on how all three felt about the situation.

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After already sharing my thoughts of my family, and myself, I felt as though neither of my favorite personal interests would accomplish the task at hand. It was Saturday afternoon, and I still didn’t have a good personal interest topic to write about. I started mind-mapping, writing every topic I could think of, including: The Real Civil War; Mental Instability – Possession or Illness; Finding the Perfect Home – Mortgage and All; and even The lightning Capital: Why Here? Then I realize I must dismantle the subject, so as to fit it on only 3 or 4 pages. The project is becoming a lot tougher than I anticipated; I start scratching out ideas. A half hour later, I have a page with many scribbles, no topics, confusion, and thirst. I walk swiftly and irritably, to the refrigerator, open the door, and grab a cold, wet, Coors Light, tall can. I found my personal interest topic. There in my hand, I was holding history: “The Rise and Fall, Literally, of Adolph Coors.

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Does Claustrophobia cause people to deviate from confined areas? The independent variable is claustrophobia, and the dependent variable is the confined areas. Our hypothesis to this question is yes claustrophobia can be cured and reduced by cognitive behavioral therapy. The issue of claustrophobia is very important due to its impact on an individuals everyday life, since it affects a number of individuals throughout the world.

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In the play Fences by August Wilson, Troy is shown as a man who has hurt the people who are closest to him without even realizing it. He has acted insensitive and uncaring to his wife, Rose, his brother, Gabriel and his son, Cory. At the beginning of the story, Troy feels he has done right by them. He feels this through out the story. He doesn't realize how much he has hurt them.

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Essays on Teamwork: Possible Ideas to Develop
Ability to work in a team seems to be one of the most important skills these days along with leadership, critical thinking, and some other skills. Yet, do you really know why this ability is so important and highly appreciated? You have a chance to find an answer while writing a teamwork essay. However, it seems like you are stuck a little with your essay on teamwork. By the way, have you not tried to cooperate with some of your peers and make one big project together?

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Knowledge Management
Over the past decade, steady progress has been made on bottom-up, low-level man- management instrumentation of network and computing environments. And more recently, new service management systems have come on the market that work from the top down to develop an objective fact base on the service levels that users experience. What's been missing is the middle ground: Systems-level management, which encompasses fault and performance management.

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Critical Review of Writing Methodology essay
Every discipline can be seen as a particular knowledge system that is a component of a more general knowledge system. Within each discipline, journal articles, books, and monographs fill the fundamental role of storing and distributing information. Of these three means of formal communication, journal articles are perhaps the most competitive and controversial.

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Napster Essay
Napster and many other music downloading companies have been the thorn in many musicians’ sides for sometime now. Everywhere you look here lately there is some controversy over whether or not it is a crime to download music for free. One of the articles that caught my eye is an article by Leonard Pitts.

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Custom Essay – Formatting and Style in Writing
The aspect of composing a good essay lies mainly on the capacity of the writer to involve his preferences. Of course you also need to follow the instructions of the teachers but if you can write a custom essay, then you can actually integrate your preferences and character to the article. What specific factors can a custom essay have that exudes the character of the writer? Actually you only need to make sure that your preferred qualities in an essay are executed. For example you can write a 250 word essay as you like depending on your capacity to talk about the topic selected. Now it is also possible that you select your own subject for writing which largely plays a good influence in the customization process.

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Writing Management Essays
Businesses today work according to a thoroughly organized structure of management. This structure helps in accomplishing organizational goals of a particular project defined in terms of cost, schedule and performance.

A management essay is an important part of the academic management studies. The purpose of writing management essays is to let the student learn and get accustomed to the various methods of management.

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Easy Essays That You Can Write
It is a relative thing to evaluate a task and say it is easy to do. In fact, no one could ever tell whether writing an essay is easy or not. It will all depend on the writer and his experience. But sometimes, we can truly evaluate an essay and tell it is an easy essay if we know the steps to undertake. Moreover, easy essays are something that you know you can manage.

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Sample Methodology Chapter – A Research Study Part
What can we expect to benefit from in a sample methodology chapter ? Usually, we need to get a sample before we can write a certain chapter in an essay or dissertation with the intent of researching. Because of the fact that it requires great effort in building a thesis, it is only possible to create a good set of documents with a very reliable sample file. Now, let’s discuss some of the possible benefits that you can get in using an example document. Keep in mind that you can order a custom research paper online.

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Essay Topic
In order to write any paper on any essay topic, students need to be ready with all the requirements for the essay writing task. The students have to do a lot of research on the specific topic they are to write about to ensure that they come up with the most interesting and credible essays.

Deciding on which essay topics to write is usually a daunting task to most students. In most cases, you are required to make a choice and select essay topics for your assignments.

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College Admission Essay Writing
College admission essay writing is a challenge for all students despite of their academic record. One short paper determines the success or failure of a student. At the same time, unlike other academic assignments, graduate school admission essay is a unique opportunity to express yourself, to explore your own thoughts, to understand your personality and talents, and to convince admission officers that you are an interesting knowledge-driven individual.

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Ancient Rome Essays: Looking at Various Aspects of Roman Life
Ancient Rome Essays: Looking at Various Aspects of Roman Life
Age quod agis. This is a Roman proverb that means, “Do well what you do”. We suppose you want to create a really good essay on Ancient Rome, but it seems that you cannot come up with the main idea of your paper.

Well, it is a common problem for many students who have to prepare essays on Ancient Rome. The topic is too broad. There is a wide range of issues about Ancient Rome to consider.

In this article, we present some of them. So, you will be able to select a topic for your Ancient Rome essay according to your interests.

Ancient Rome essays: Roman army

It is a good topic idea for essays on Ancient Rome, because without its well-trained army Rome would not expand its territories and gained so many victories.

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APA Essays: Basic Rules You Should Keep in Mind
APA Essays: Basic Rules You Should Keep in Mind
If you have to write an essay, a research paper or a term paper on Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Business and some other Social Sciences, such essays should be done in APA style.

We know that APA format essays usually cause a lot of troubles, because there are so many requirements you should memorize and stick to. In this 300-word article, we will not be able to highlight all of them. Yet, we suppose even basic rules of making APA essays that every student should know will be a good start for you.

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Essays on Controversial Issues: More Fascinating than You Think!
Are you not that good at writing essays on controversial issues? Do you think that papers on controversial issues are hard to complete? Then let us explain you several things about this assignment because you will face it quite often, and it is more interesting to complete than you think.
A controversial issue essay – what is it all about?

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