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When you are a writer, you cannot separate your writing from your life. Writers cannot not write, so writing for you is like breathing. It is so natural you don't even think about it. I think it's a shame that so many writers treat their writing as anything from "special time" to the last thing on their to-do list. Writing is life. And so the principles of life, or the truth about life, are also the principles of, or the truth about, the writing life. I recently re-read a ...

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The traditional marketplace for book sales is shrinking. The six largest publishers are shipping more books and selling less than ever before, even though the distribution chain is saturated with copies that will eventually be returned. The basic laws of supply and demand are being ignored and no one is trying to do anything about it. What's wrong with this picture? Reports show that book sales are falling and have been for almost 15 years. In response, the six largest pub...

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The question is: How could a man considered by so many to be anupstanding citizen actually be the murderer of 33 young men? To thisday, nobody really knows for sure. Within this paper I intend toexamine Gacyís life through the lens of three psychological theories inorder to give some insight into some of the factors that may of causedGacy to act as he did.

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"North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a military alliance consisting of the United States, Canada, and 14 other Western countries [since this publication, 5 other countries have joined NATO, making 19 member states in all: see links below.] The 14 countries are Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

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An Essay Cover Sheet: An Important Element in your Paper
For a teacher who is trying to decide what grade you should be given everything in your essay plays an important role, even an essay cover sheet. An essay cover sheet will be especially important if it was one of the teacher’s requirements and he/she gave some instructions on how it should be organized. Thus, the teacher can easily take off several points if you fail to meet all the requirements.

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A View From Bridge Essay
A view from bridge essay can be an analysis or a summary of the play with the same name by American playwright Arthur Miller. The play was inspired by a true story he heard from a lawyer friend sometime after the 1940s. This was when Miller started taking interest in the lives of longshoremen working and living around New York’s Brooklyn Harbor. He had worked there himself. So he knew it was tough place where people were overworked. Food was limited, and bosses exploited the dock workers.

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Euthanasia Essay
An euthanasia essay can debate on the very sensitive issue of whether to allow the practice of ending life without pain or to continue turning a blind eye to the number of suicide deaths. Euthanasia has been defined and classified as voluntary and involuntary. In many cases, victims are unable to make decisions on their own. It could be due to due to a medical problem such as extended coma. In such cases, when others make a decision for them, it is termed as involuntary euthanasia. In the case of voluntary euthanasia, patients give their consent to end life.

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Division Classification Essay – An Easy Route To Classify Generic Subjects
A division classification essay is normally written to classify people, vehicles, places, pets, schools, and other generic subjects. The essay segregates those topics into various groups and then offers reasons to differentiate between those divisions. There are some basic guidelines you need to follow when creating divisions for the groups. For example, if there was a need to segregate books into various categories, you would need to create an exhaustive list of groups that could accommodate all types of books.

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The Importance Of An University Essay
A university essay is probably the most important essay you would be writing throughout your student life, especially if you are writing one to gain admission. An essay of this importance is not very different from what you probably learned in school. The difference would be that your level of understanding and presentation would be of a much higher level. Using the following methods would ensure you are on the right track to write a good education essay.

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Fundamentals of a Biology Essay
A biology essay attempts to describe plant and animal life in its various forms. The human body is complex, which has led to various experiments and continuous research being conducted to successfully deal with situations arising out of biological changes and other external factors affecting life. Complexities can vary as per the level of study being attempted.

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History Term Paper
History is a subject that is of utmost importance in terms of our existence. All the nations who are successful today have embraced their history and those nations who do not keep their history in their minds do not keep the capability to be successful. History should not be forgotten, it teaches us ways, which we should adopt to lead a successful life. History is like a lesson for us. Whatever is done in history can happen again and we can opt for a suitable way in the light of our knowledge related to history.

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Essay on Racism
Racism is not a new issue. People kept racist thoughts and wrote short stories, novels, dramas, poetry and other works that depicted their racist thoughts. Some people were also of the opinion that racist feelings and thoughts should be highlighted as to eradicate them from the minds of people but the people who were attacked by racism felt that the people highlighting the issue of racism are making it more confirmed. They thought the works of racism hostile for themselves. There are many written works that are termed as racist. Researchers nowadays are working to depict racist thoughts indicated in the written works.

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Online Essays
Students are having a lot of problem in writing an essay nowadays. With the increasing burden of homework and sometimes, part-time jobs, the students cannot possibly write their own essays. There are students who do not have the ability or time to write their essays themselves. They do not know how to write and what to put into writing.
Many students look for essays online. If they copy from a book or website, it is plagiarism. So, what do they do?

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The Apostles Creed
The Apostles’ Creed is an affirmation of things which are mainly held among Christians, and which are undoubtedly founded upon the contents of the Holy Scripture. I have rehearsed, cited, and prayed this creed from my childhood and whenever I repeat the creed I assert that I accept and approve of all the statements that it covers. I do not merely give a mental consent to the facts articulated in the creed because the scripture makes it clear that Faith without works is dead. (John H. 60). My belief depends on the facts found in the scripture, and also on my personal experience of salvation. I know I have been born again spiritually; my faith rests on the spiritual encounter with God as interpreted by scripture, not merely on an intellectual assent to the scriptures and doctrines expressed by the Apostles’ Creed.

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Expository Essay – Explain More Subjects
Explaining the nature of a subject can make a difference in understanding it. Primarily, this is the intention of writing an expository essay . Contrary to the analysis essay, you need to expose the different perspectives out of an expository essay topic . That is why it is called expository: you intend to deliver more out of what the topic seems to look like.

Writing an expository essay is quite easy. There is the notion of simply digging out some more info about a subject interest.

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How to Write Essay Papers – Simpler Approach
Frustrated over writing your first essay? Do not worry because this article is for you. We will talk about how to write essay papers. Aside from the available materials in our Samples page, you can also learn a lot when you read our articles in the Archives. This simple post is all about writing your first essay. There are a few easy steps but in order to help you, we will list them down.

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How to Write Literature Review – The Tricks that Do
Essay writing usually involves at least three parts-introduction, body and the conclusion. However, if you are planning on writing an essay that will also involve researching, then you must write the chapters that are also usually found among dissertations. Today, let us tackle one of these chapters. Let me give you some tips how to write literature review segments.

How to write literature review chapters is dependent on the type of essay topics available.

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Essay on Man: Some Aspects of Male Life in Modern Society
Essay on Man: Some Aspects of Male Life in Modern Society
Some people think that their country is the best in the world. As you know, people are likely to exaggerate and tell something only because they think so. In this respect, prejudices and biased opinions can be considered integral parts of human life in the contemporary society.

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Ideas to Consider in Essays on Plagiarism
Ideas to Consider in Essays on Plagiarism
Plagiarizing an essay on plagiarism is too much, isn’t it? Probably, this is the main reason why your conscience brought you here.
The best alternative for you is to get a couple of fresh ideas as to writing essay papers on plagiarism and develop them in your own way using your own writing manner.

That is why this article is right in time for you! The ideas you may touch upon in plagiarism essays are presented below. There are also some pieces of advice on writing essays on plagiarism. If you consider them, you will manage to create a really interesting and qualitative essay on plagiarism.

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Find Additional Topics for Your Best Hamlet Revenge Essay
Hamlet revenge essays are quite easy to write, just like five paragraph essays. It is because the whole play is confined to this very topic: revenge. Well, the thesis and conclusion of your Hamlet revenge essay is likely to reveal that revenge is a very strong feeling, though, it is rather destructive. How to prove this statement?

Depict an absorbing power of revenge in your Hamlet revenge essay

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