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?When length is a problem, I'd rather cut out sections -- entire thoughts -- than chisel off the texture and color from the most important parts of the story. Cutting is hard and painful work, but I'd rather do it myself than leave it to someone who doesn't know the story as well as I do." - Warren Wolfe For some the idea of actually having writing deadlines would be a dream come true. They enjoy writing, but have never experienced the ruthless demand of completing an arti...

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If you want to sell something on the internet you might need to write a salesletter. A salesletter is a one page website which tells people about your product, and why they should buy it.

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Articles are those that are available in plenty these days in the internet. The articles are written by everybody these days and those articles are found to have different types these days. There are scholarly articles that are very informative down to the last number while there are just popular articles that give you information but are not as exhaustive as the scholarly ones. The popular articles can be identified in many ways. The popular articles are pretty much based...

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Smoking among teenagers is on the rise. Statistics have shown that smoking trends were decreasing between 1976 and 1985 by approximately 10%, but have started to climb since the early 1990’s (Lawrence 1999). Over the last decade, there has been more than a seventy- percent increase in youth smoking. More than sixty-seven thousand children in Ohio become addicted to tobacco. The average age of onset of smoking is fourteen years old. Ninety percent of those who smoke began before the age of eighteen. (www.healthierohio.org.). Not all adolescents are at the same risk level to smoke

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“The Guns of August” was written by Barbara W. Tuchman in 1962. The book

describes the causes of the first World war and the first month into. It describes how it

began as only a local war and then broke out into an entire European struggle by a call to

war against Russia and then soon after became a world issue.

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Demand for gasoline has been the driving force in utilization and depletion of crude petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource. In recent years, tendencies have just begun to, at times, favor alternative fuels to power autos. Many possible alternative fuels exist, certainly not without their drawbacks. These alternatives include, but are not limited to, alcohols, gasohols, and both liquefied and gaseous natural gas, as well as hydrogen. As mentioned above, drawbacks do exist; the chief drawbacks being cost of adaption implementation, engineering, and cost of the fuels themselves. As stated by many a chairman of petroleum companies, alternative fuels have limited applications and too many economic disadvantages, (Derr, 30).

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The parties that who are most responsible for that crisis are among three people. The first is Kenneth Lay. In 1986, InterNorth changed its name to Enron. Kenneth Lay, the former chairman of Houston Natural Gas, emerged as the top executive of the newly-created firm was chose. Lay quickly adopted the aggressive growth strategy that had long dominated the management policies of InterNorth and its predecessor.

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Essay Checker
An essay checker is primarily used to check written assignments for plagiarism or duplicate content. The world of online content management has become sophisticated. Information is available at the touch of a button. Students can find research content for rarely-discussed topics. Copying and pasting information gathered from online resources and submit it as original work is just not allowed, Students could get into deep trouble, if they indulge in plagiarism.

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Computer & Technology Essay
A computer & technology essay requires sound knowledge of technology and how computers combine with the internet to play an important role in the world of online business. It is a difficult to write about technology. Computer technology gets upgraded very fast. That makes it even more important to ensure that students keep in touch with the progress being made. While writing an essay, readers would expect to get the latest information on any topic.

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Research Paper Cover Page – Title Document
What is a research paper cover page ? Technically, it is a simple page that provides the different details that a reader must know about your research paper. A cover page is a formal part of a document that makes it possible for the reader to gain instant access to what he should expect in the dissertation. Custom research papers are also available to you.

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Controversial Research Paper Topics and Subject Interests
How can we write articles about controversial research paper topics ? Of course, just like any other forms of essays , everything should start by listing the possible domains to write about. This time, we will give you some insights on how to select controversial subjects for writing to entice your readers.

Having a controversial research paper topic does not necessarily mean that you must be very radical with your thoughts. Technically, writing a custom essay should be initiated by having a well developed discussion course rather than choosing the topic that is popular or out of this world.

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The Structure in Selecting Personal Essay Topics
The term ‘personal essay topics ’ provides us the ability to select the subject interests for our essay writing task. Basically, it does not only denote the topic domain but also the structure in which we can expand our discussion. Let us take a look at some common types of essays which can be utilized to become personal essays.

The selection of a personal essay topic depends on your experience and capability. If you can write a specific essay that involves the discussion of another work, you can write a Crucible essay .

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Write My Term Paper – We will Give You the Best
Term paper writing. All students have faced it at some point or the other. Some may have enjoyed writing it while some may have shuddered at the very thought of taking up a paper and a pen. It is here where we come in and take over. We help students to complete their assignments on time without any hiccups. We at Essay-911.com have been working in the line of academic essay writing, research paper and term paper writing for some years now.

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Essays on Literacy: How to Develop your Paper
Essays on Literacy: How to Develop your Paper
We are sure you have own opinion about literacy and its importance. You realize that without literacy:
- personal development stops;
- it is impossible to find a good job and live a normal life;
- it is impossible to communicate with other educated and literate people.

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A “Right” Admission Essay Topic Allows You to Talk About Your Talents
The hardest task about getting into any graduate or undergraduate program is the writing of the admission essay. However, as it is almost a compulsory requirement in all admission applications, there is no avoiding of the task. Therefore, students have to do their level best to write a good admission essay and hope that it surpasses the Admission Board’s expectations. One of the elements which need to be considered when writing the essay is the admission essay topic.

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Essays on Buddhism: How to Get Ready for Writing
Do you know why writing essays on Buddhism will not be that easy? Because the great majority of people (probably, including you) know only this word “Buddhism” and have absolutely no idea what it is all about.

If you have never practiced Buddhism and have never tried to get its nature, writing papers on Buddhism will be tricky. Sure, you do have a chance to get a good grade on your essay on Buddhism. You just need to invest time to prepare a good paper.

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Epic Essays: Studying Literature of Ancient Civilizations
Ancient civilizations left us a lot of amazing things, and literature is one of them. An epic poem is an example of the oldest form of literature. Epic poems tell about adventures and heroic deeds of various epic heroes, provide a lot of information about ancient gods, beliefs, etc.

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Get Inspired to Write The Lovely Bones Essay
Most probably, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold will seem like the saddest story you have ever read. This is the story about a fourteen-year-old girl Susie Salmon who was brutally raped and murdered afterwards. Yes, it really does not look like a story with a happy ending.

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Essentials of Term Paper Examples
You are getting ready to write a term paper. You go online and enter “term paper examples” into a search engine. In a few minutes you find several examples of a term paper and now you are ready to create your own paper by analogy. Stop! Do you know all the essentials of term paper examples? If you do not want to get into big troubles, you should know them.

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