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All of you who have been thinking of publishing articles probably seem to be noticing a lot more ads showing up when you search Google for article submission sites. So what does this all mean for you?

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Many students all over the world have difficulties in writing essays or other assignments. This article gives essential tips on how to develop ideas, create solid texts, use facts, structure and analyze. A good example is a comparison and contrast essay.

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The concept of Geographical Information Systems and profiling is not new to the

area of Community Policing. Mechanical methods of point pattern analysis and

data separation have been benefiting society ever since Dr. Snow's landmark

discovery of the tainted well ( Waters 1995). The analysis of spatial and temporal

data has been critical to the successes of many criminal investigations. Buzzwords such as "geographic, criminal and psychological profiling" have rejuvenated an interest in analytical geography and the advances in computer technology have given geographers a medium in which to express the capabilities of their science (Waters, 1999, Rossmo, K., httptp://www.ecricanada.com/AboutECRI.htm). Criminal Geographic Targeting is an example of the practical application of academic research," concludes Rossmo, " and is finally putting geographers on the map.( Rossmo, 1997). The purpose of this paper is to explore the spatial statistics program for the analysis of crime incident locations. CrimeStat , which has been developed by Ned Levine, Ph.D., and Associates, under a grant from the National Institute of Justice.

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Russian Literature, literature of the Russian people, written from the 900s to the present.

Russian literature includes some of the most beloved and influential plays, novels, and poems in

world literature. Scholars generally divide Russian literature into four broad historical periods:

Old Russian (10th century to 17th century), Modern Russian (18th century to 1917), Soviet

Russian (1917 to 1991), and Post-Soviet (1991 to the present). Although most Russian

literature is written in the Russian language, some works are in related Slavic languages such

as Old Church Slavonic, which was the first written language in Russia.

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John Grisham's "The Testament" essay
The Testament begins to take place in a busy city in Washington. On the fourteenth story of a law firm. "On a clear day, I can see the top of the Washington Monument six miles away." However the novel takes a very large turn and finds itself in the jungles of Brazil. "Ever direction, dozen of small rivers spun in circles around and through each other, water all had different shades.

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Persuasive Essay Techniques
Persuasive essay techniques are essential skills for writers to maintain in their toolkit. It is applied when they have to write persuasive essays. It is a difficult art, and writers take a long time to master the skill. Most of them learn with practice. They publish their essays to small audiences to get a feel of what is required to get across to them. Others just carry on till they get the right balance through changes made in approach and style of writing. Success is indicated through an increased amount of readers interested in the essay.

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Personal Essay Topics That Matter
Personal essay topics chosen with care can make a powerful positive statement about you over the internet and in print. Using the conversational style of writing, you can talk about yourself, your achievements or experiences you have faced. Positive action taken to solve a problem can be highlighted to create an impression on readers or assessors in school and college. You might get the coveted job you seek on the strength of a personal essay written with flair and conviction. Here are several vital topics you would need to cover to make the right impression.

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Free and Fair Elections
Election is the process by which members in a given community or nation choose there leaders in democratic society, therefore such kind of an election should be free and fair to ensure that the leaders era acceptable to all members of the society therefore an election should give basic freedom to citizens in order to have full participation in the elector process example people should be around to join a political party of there choice without fear of intimidation, they should have access to political and elector information through civic education they should also have the right to vote secretly without coition or vote buying.

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Paper Writing Help
Very often students find that paper writing is inhibited at the times when we most want or need to write. We are afflicted by writing blocks. In these case students need help of professional writers to break these blocks and to write their academic papers successfully.
In the present section of this chapter we will first examine the relatively simple question of what the causes of writing blocks might be, and then we will try to help with your writing problems by considering more difficult question of how such blocks might be removed and the flow of writing initiated or maintained.

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Short Essay
Why do some teachers tend to require the students to write a short essay ? What is the main purpose of building an essay with very limited capacity to discuss things? Basically a short essay does not mean that you will be writing a junk article for the sole purpose of meeting the requirement. Writing such a composition will still entail the creation of a thesis statement in the form of an academic essay . Also, the same format will have to be integrated; including the introduction paragraph, the body segment and the finalizing conclusion. But what is the real purpose in writing a short essay ? Learn more about custom essay writing services.

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GED Essay Topics
There are numerous ways for a student to receive certification from GED. These possible testing evaluations are carried out so that a high school student may be recognized as someone who has taken education based on American or Canadian standards. One of the main concerns of students is the creation of GED essay topics . Let us discuss how you can improve your writing and pass this evaluation test.

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Essay writing – Example of a Good Essay Writing
Essay writing is a common assignment for all school and college going students. it is given to evaluate the students as to how much they have understood and how well they can express themselves. An essay paper will be written in a set pattern and will have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction will present the thesis statement or the main argument and give a brief introduction of the chosen topic. The body will give the the details of the topic and examine the main arguments from all angles while giving evidences for all presented arguments.

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Persuasive Essay Topic
What is the best solution to come up with a good persuasive essay topic? If you are to ask us, the best way to choose a topic is by following the four factors that we suggest. This way, you can make sure that you can write an essay with an interesting tone for the audience to appreciate. Let us discuss these four important elements in subject selection.

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History Essay Questions
Many times students get bored in writing a history essay. The subject simply is not popular among them. Therefore, they tend to create essays that are not interesting and too lousy for submission. But if you will have some history essay questions to start with, your journey to essay writing might take a different course. This is because one of the most frustrating aspects of essay writing is the creation of topic. If the teacher will ask a question about history, then most probably, the students will have an idea what to write in their articles. That is why we will give you some samples of history essay questions for you to practice writing.

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Health Care Essay: Some Advice for a Good Essay Writing
Health Care Essay: Some Advice for a Good Essay Writing
Writing a health care essay can be a rather frustrating job. It involves a lot of patience and attention. For some students it is very difficult to start and to find a good idea. So, this article aims at helping students work out the strategy of writing an essay. The other aim of the article is to give students some ideas that will be interesting for their health care essays.

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Justified Essays: Another Paper Where You Have to Give Reasons
Justified Essays: Another Paper Where You Have to Give Reasons
Does the task to prepare a justified essay look strange and confusing a little? Can you not get what a teacher expects to see in your justified essays? Well, sometimes it happens that teachers give some odd assignments and forget about clear instructions to completing them. But, this is exactly what professional writers are working for – to help you sort everything out and get your papers done. Thus, let us present you some details about the completion of justified essays.

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Essays on Moral Development: The Main Theory to Consider
Essays on Moral Development: The Main Theory to Consider
The task to write an essay on moral development sounds a bit frustrating at first. You are even not sure what these two words “moral development” actually mean. So, at the moment, your work on the essay on moral development is not progressing.

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Macroeconomics Essays: Applying the Main Principles
Macroeconomics Essays: Applying the Main Principles
If you are inexperienced in writing Macroeconomics essays, this task may seem tricky at a glance. However, with time and practice, you will realize that Macroeconomics essays are fairly easy to complete, at least if you learn the main principles of writing papers of that kind.

In this article, we highlight the main rules one should know to write Macroeconomics essays. Before that, let us say a few words about topics for Macroeconomics essays.

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-Word Essays: How to Write and Organize
We do not know why, but many students feel confused a little once they get a certain word limit for writing. Students even start to have questions that they normally do not have about writing essays.

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A 500 Word Essay – Its Flaws and Merits
Probably, writing a 500 word essay will be one of the easiest assignments for you. However, you still need to know some peculiarities of writing 500 word essays in order to get an A+. Sure, you can start your work by looking through free 500 word essays to get the overall idea of how to complete this kind of work.

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