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The Mystery Writers of America (MWA), an organization that defines itself as " the premier organization for mystery writers, professionals allied to the crime writing field, aspiring crime writers, and those who are devoted to the genre," has developed a list of "approved publishers," and a set of criteria authors must meet to join as active members or enter the prestigious Edgar Award contest. The MWA criteria blatantly discriminate against authors whose books are published ...

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In the world of today, job satisfaction scores over most other factors. They are less inclined to become cogs in the wheel if they can help it. Moreover, one can do so much more today. The growth in the field of communications has opened up many opportunities. More and more people have begun to give up their day jobs in favor of more flexible work-from-home routines. The unprecedented rise of the Internet has been one of the major factors that have made this possible. Amon...

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In the poem Kubla Khan by Samuel Coleridge, language is used to convey images from Coleridge’s imagination. This is done with the use of vocabulary, imagery, structure, use of contrasts, rhythm and sound devices such as alliteration and assonance.

By conveying his imagination by using language, the vocabulary used by coleridge is of great importance. The five lines of the poem Kubla Khan sound like a chant or incantation, and help suggest mystery and supernatural themes of the poem. Another important theme of the poem is that of good versus evil. The vocabulary used throughout the poem helps convey these themes in images to the reader. In the first two lines, Coleridge describes the ‘pleasure dome’ in Xanadu.

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After talks with her husband, sons, minister, and local doctors; Janet Adkins decided she didn+t want to undergo the sustained mental deterioration that Alzheimer+s Disease caused (Uhlman 111). She began to realize she had the disease when she started forgetting songs and failed to recognize notes as she played the piano (Filene 188). |She read in Newsweek about Dr. Jack Kevorkian and his Mercitron+ machine, then saw him on the Donahue+ Television showX (Filene 188). With her husband+s consent but objections by sons and doctors, she telephoned him to arrange to kill herself (Filene 188). She still had a life expectancy of at least ten years with the illness, but she wished to die. She wanted to die before the disease robbed her of her competence (Larson 229). Kevorkian later killed Adkins and faced the consequences boldly (Hendin, |Suicide in AmericaX 247). The background, process, and effects of Dr. Kevorkian+s questionable first patient, Janet Adkins, have a very detailed story in them.

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Socrates was an interrogative man, who asked questions incessantly in order to find out if he was the smartest man, as the god Apollo had stated to him. He would ask questions that dealt with moral issues, such as how should a person live, and what is a good life.

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Research Paper on California Indians
Historian Kenneth King said about California Indians: “If they did not have the ability for organization shown by the Six Nation (Iroquois) in the Eastern part of the United States, they were, on the whole, child like and affectionate and willing to accept the gentle rule of the padres.” The ignorance of this statement is astoundingly obvious if one looks at the indigenous people of California and the Padres of the Spanish missions without the rose-colored glasses of a romantic, euro-centric, manifest destine point of view that suggests industrial, Christian societies conquer all.

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Who Sells our Personal Information?
This essay is designed to help us identify our creditors and those businesses and companies we deal with on a regular basis in our daily lives. To prepare for future chapters, we are going to have you start creating a list of all your creditors and all those businesses you deal with on a regular basis that have your personal identifying information.
As you go day to day conducting your personal business, identify each and every company and business you deal with on a daily, weekly, monthly and/or annual basis. Start writing these business names in a journal.

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Where to Buy Grade ‘A’ Essay
The internet is the richest resource to buy a Grade ‘A’ Essay since there are many web sites and web services out there in the cyber space offering service of writing essays, term papers, research papers, theses and dissertations to paying clients. These are groups of professionals who have great skill in wring a Grade ‘A’ Essay because their wide experience and educational background standings. Most of the professional writers have a high educational level such as PhD, Masters or Graduates. Some Grade ‘A’ Essay websites offers options of selling your essays with an aim of reselling them to their potential clients/ customers.

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College Application Essay Prompts
College application essay prompts can be the big help materials for you. If you are currently looking for the best info on how to write various types of essays for your admission evaluation, then you have found the right place.

Essay papers need not be a difficult thing to write. For your college application essay prompts , let us start with introducing your article to the evaluators. Since you will be using the essay material as a key requirement on your admission, you need to impress the judges or the instructors who will take a look at your skills in writing.

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Essay Writing and Some Relevant Purposes
We all know that essay writing is an integral part in school curriculums. These projects can give so many benefits to the students in terms of enhancing their skills in converting ideas into written forms. But are there any other purposes in writing essays ?

The different types of essay writing can actually give you the opportunity to earn money. Have you ever heard of essay writing jobs? This is a kind of career where you can actually excel in writing articles while at the same time earn compensations for the tasks.

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Good Persuasive Essay
A persuasive essay is an article that involves influencing the mindset of the readers. It will contain some discussions that can change how a reader perceives something. It may be a difficult thing to persuade someone to believe your opinion. However, this main goal of the essay will give you enough allowance to do that goal. How can we identify a good persuasive essay?

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Take Expert Help While Writing Your Descriptive Essay
Descriptive essays aim to present a vivid description of an incident chosen. The writer tries to make it point to create a situation where the reader while reading the essay feels so involved that it is almost like he is experiencing the same thing too. Such an effect has to be created by the writer only through his writing, and nothing else. So a writer will have to be careful while selecting a topic.

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How to Cite a Paper – Your Entire Research Paper Depends on How Correctly you Cite and Refer
How to cite a paper? A very important question while doing essay writing, term paper writing or research paper writing. In fact any sort of writing demands that the writer knows the correct essay format and the associated pattern of referencing. Any good research work will involve in-depth study and investigation on the chosen topic. A thorough research work will give evidence and direct quotations from other related works to support one’s line of argument and prove one’s stand on the stated thesis statement.

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Examples of Compare and Contrast Essays: Perfect Writing Models
Examples of Compare and Contrast Essays: Perfect Writing Models
Although compare and contrast is one of the main essay types students have to learn writing, it is not that complicated compared to other types of papers. Many rules that you use for preparing other essay types can also be applied when writing compare essays.

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The Mystery of the Loch Ness Monster Is Absolutely Exposed!
The Mystery of the Loch Ness Monster Is Absolutely Exposed!
Each nation has its own monster or even several monsters. There is only one tiny difference: some of them know that it is only a myth and horror story for kids, but others do believe in those creatures and try to prove their existence.

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How to Write an Expository Essay
Some sunders send us questions about things that relate to essays. One of these common questions is how to write an expository essay. Essays may have certain structures and purposes. Some of the most common goals are to tell a story, to describe something, to see the relationships between things and to argue on a certain issue. An expository essay is an article that intends to explain and present information about a subject. An essay is unbiased and does not present any opinions or arguments. Students write it to present a deeper analysis of a topic at hand.

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Writing Essay Questions is a Professional’s Task
Purpose of writing essay questions is to assess the students’ learning. Essay questions are one of the most common forms of assessment and it is effective if the essay questions are correctly formulated and the assessors have very good understanding of the whole process of assessment and the role of essay questions in assessing the learning of the student. Essay questions differ from other methods of assessing because the students have to compose a response to an essay question. Other forms like multiple choice, true or false items and matching exercises requires students to respond by selecting an item.

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Different Perspectives to the Great Gatsby Essay
The Great Gatsby Essay can be written in Different Essay Forms

Students are required to read many novels as a part of English and literature curriculum. These novels are to be studied thoroughly by them and be used as the basis of various assignments and coursework. The Great Gatsby Essay is one such literature assignment which is most common in A Level classes. Written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald who also wrote novels such as “This Side of Paradise” and “The Beautiful and Damned”, this novel is one of the most celebrated pieces of American literature.

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Narrative Essay Essence and Tips for Successful Writing
Nothing can be compared to writing about yourself. You have a great chance to revise some moments of your life and share them with a reader. A narrative essay is a great chance to tell about what is important for you. Let us discuss how narrative essays are written.

What a Narrative Essay Is

A narrative essay is aimed at describing a writer’s experience that had some significance for him/her.

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“Romulus, My Father” Essays: A Brief Summary and Topic Ideas for You
Although we offer here a short summary of the story’s plot, we strongly recommend you read “Romulus, My Father” or, at least, watch its movie adaptation. Not only will you increase the chances of getting an A on your “Romulus, My Father” essay. It is a sure bet that the story will impress you and help to learn some important things about life.

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