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OVERVIEW For small companies, creating their product's User Documentation in-house, provides benefits to the company, to (idle) staff, and to the product. This article describes the benefits and some downsides of producing User Documents in-house. THREE OPTIONS If you have no in-house writing staff you have three options: 1. No User Document for the product. This is NOT a valid option. Every product needs User Documentation. It completes your product package, an...

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Clients are so different. Someone will ask his friend to call and order the essay; the other will ring up himself and will elaborate on the content of his work for hours. Another believes that informing the custom service about the topic of his dissertations 3 days before the deadline he can expect flawless work because he pays quite enough. You will be surprised, but the work quality does not depend only on its price.

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As a writer you may be ready to cash in on the need for web content. There is a lot of money that can be made through content writing if you know what web publishers are looking for in high quality content. If you are a very versatile writer you will find that you can actually make content writing your full time job! The new trend of article marketing has writers very excited because webmasters all over the Internet are hungry for talented writers who can?t pump out the high ...

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It comes along more frequently than not: The thought that you?re insane and should pursue a career that doesn?t stomp on your pride or demolish your ego. You have the hopes of fame and fortune to comfort you at times, but not often enough to keep doubt from gnawing at your mind. Discouragement is a constant companion. You face rejections. You spend time, money and energy with no guarantee of financial gain (and if you?re published, you face rejections; spend time, money a...

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Congratulations! You?ve spotted a great short story competition and decided to enter. You?ve had a go at a few short stories in the past and you?ve been wanting to tackle a novel for ages, but the idea was way too daunting so you?ve just shoved that to the bottom of your life?s ?To Do? list. A short story is a much better idea, isn?t it? It?s just like writing a novel only shorter. Right? Not exactly! It?s been said that it?s not that a short story is long, it?s that it...

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There are many people trying to be a writer. They keep practicing—which is good—but sometimes they are lack of guidance. Thus, their goal to be a professional writer gradually deteriorates. This must not happen if one has made a decision to be a writer. When there is a strong will, there’s a way. To avoid your will from fading away, here are some tips that you can try doing: • Join writing clubs By joining this club, you meet many people ha...

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Guy de Maupassant is acknowledged through the world as one of the masters of the short story; Guy de Maupassant was also the author of a collection of poetry, a volume of plays, three travel journals, six novels, and many chronicles. He produced some three hundred short stories in the single decade from 1880 to 1890; a period during which he produced most of his other works.

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Throughout childhood and teenage years, people have always had the urge to undertake dangerous habits in order to appear older (Kelder G. E., 1997, April). Smoking is a hazardous habit that many minors have turned to in attempts to look mature. (Braverman P. J., 1999, November 17). Many people start smoking at a very young age, therefore the government should continue to develop laws to stop this (Kelder G. E., 1997, April) .

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Step To Take Before An Essay Analysis
Essay analysis is normally conducted after one has finished an essay or has to analyze the work of another writer. It can sometimes be a bit intimidating if the essay to be analyzed is written by a much more experienced writer. It is easy if the topic is structured on a theory or event that can be defined easily. The challenge comes in when you have to analyze literary work like poetry or any other non-fiction literature. It does seem a daunting task, doesn’t it? There are ways to go about analyzing any essay. Here are a few of them that you could create into a system for yourself.

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How to Write an Opinion Essay
How to write an opinion essay is a question mostly asked by junior students. As we grow older, we all have our own opinion which in turn makes it easier to write good essays. There are some easy ways to go about writing it.
The topic given to us, or if we have to liberty to choose our own topic, could be controversial or relevant to society. It could be a current issue where opinions are divided and one has to choose between agreeing and disagreeing about a particular stand in an opinion essay.

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Descriptive Essay
A descriptive essay aims at describing something of particular interest to the writer. It could be a description of a person, a place, a memory, an experience or some particular piece of object tat has captured the writer’s attention. The approach to writing this descriptive essay usually varies widely from one writer to another. Some writers can describe a person while utilizing very vivid depictions, yet others can do the same using a wide array of examples to back up there analysis of the same person. Similarly, one writer comparing that memory with another memory that to them seemed very extraordinary, thus resulting in a very interesting descriptive essay can accomplish a descriptive essay about a memory.

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Consider Writing an English Essay
It is not really easy to write an essay. However, you can easily learn how to build the different essay parts that can be integrated in any English essays that you wish to compose. Let me give you some tips and details about essay writing.

‘How to write an essay’ starts by thinking of a topic. For your English essay, you can easily select the topic that you wish to write about. In some case, your teacher will give you specific scopes but if you are allowed to tackle any subjects, then choose a topic that interests you. Next is the creation of the thesis statement.

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Order Essay – Simplify Your School Life
Have you ever tried getting a writing service? In these modern times of computers and internet, you can actually become a client and request for a complete essay material for school. It does not really matter what type of essay that might be; analysis essay, cause and effect essay or argumentative essays. The different web based companies which are in the field of custom paper writing are offering different writing services for you to order essay .

We all know that writing an essay is one integral part in the learning process of students.

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Easy Essays for the Beginners

Easy essay writing is usually given to the beginners, so that, as they write they learn the art of writing well. An easy essay generally means not exploring much on the subject. It will also not require too many written pages. As for example, a 2500-word essay would mean writing about 8-10 pages which is not a requirement here. This type of essay will ask for about only 250 to 500 words at the most.

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A Level Paper – An Achievement that all Students Dream of
An A level paper is something all students dream of and aspire to write. It is definitely not easy to write one and if you don’t have the flair for writing then it is even more difficult to produce one. To be able to come with a first class paper involves many aspects of writing. First one will have to choose the perfect writing topic. Whether one is doing research paper writing or term paper writing or a school assignment, one has to choose the topics very carefully and with much thought. The topic chosen must be something which the writer is interested in and at the same time it should be appealing to the reader too.

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How to Write a “Describe Yourself” Essay
How to Write a “Describe Yourself” Essay
Are you at a loss? Do you not know what to write about in a “describe yourself” essay? Should you describe your appearance or focus on your world view? What do tutors appreciate most of all in “describe yourself” essays? In this article, we will give you a couple of hints for writing “describe yourself” essays.
- Avoid banalities
Hardly will your tutor appreciate your “describe yourself” essay if you introduce something that millions of students write about. You need to be original. How? Well, use an original manner of describing yourself. For example, you get up in the morning, come up to the mirror, and… what do you see there? A sleepy monkey with a big mess on the head and seedy look…

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Golden Rules of Effective Essay Writing
Golden Rules of Effective Essay Writing
An essay is one of the most frequently assigned papers. We do not know why, but it is also considered to be one of the most significant tasks. Why? Probably, because this kind of work allows students to develop basic skills: writing, analytical and critical thinking, researching, etc.

Still, the great majority of students do not know the secrets of writing effective essays. Are you one of them? Then this article is just what you need!

Actually, we are sure that these secrets of writing effective essays are not completely new for you. Most probably, you have just never paid attention to them before. You have an opportunity to do it now.

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Critical Essay Examples: How to Evaluate Them Critically
Before we start talking about critical essay examples, let us say a few words about the critical essay itself. A critical essay is a piece of writing, where you introduce your opinion on a book, sometimes a movie.

Sure, it is a very short definition that, probably, does not tell you much about critical essay writing. This is exactly why you should start with an analysis of critical essay samples if you are inexperienced in making this kind of essays

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Examples of Expository Essays: Do You really Need Them?
We know that a lot of students do not take essay examples very seriously, and this is a big mistake. It especially refers to those cases when you have to deal with some complicated types of essays or you need to complete a paper for the first time.

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Essays on the Harlem Renaissance – Writing Tips
“We shall not always plant while others reap
The golden increment of bursting fruit,
Not always countenance, abject and mute,
That lesser men should hold their brothers cheap”.

From the Dark Tower, Countee Cullen

We do not want to waste your time telling that the Harlem Renaissance was one of the most significant periods in American history and culture. You definitely know this, and need some help with your essay on the Harlem

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